Thursday, July 7, 2016

Today...I'm 34

So today I celebrate my 34th Birthday. 
In honor of that I'm sharing 34 things about me... 
In no particular order:

1. I'm currently obsessed with the movie The Martian
2. I hate the smell of lilies because they remind me of my dad's funeral. 
3. I used to "snack on" cans of rainbow chip frosting (like, 8 years ago)

4. My best friend will be here tomorrow and I literally want today to be over so "Amanda Day" is here. 
5. I've always wanted to be a florist and own my own shop - but )refer to #2)
6. I've been in the mood to road trip to Wisconson - Elkhart Lake to be specific because:

7. I've "cleaned" Austin's paci by sticking it in my mouth #noshame
8. I constantly say "when I win the lottery" yet don't EVER play. 
9. My favorite place to eat dinner out is Houlihan's. 
10. I believe I have carpal tunnel severely and I wear wrist braces at night but haven't actually had that confirmed by a
Doctor. The numbness and pain is pretty bad though. 
11. I recently started a Willow Tree collection. I've had the Nativity for a few years, but got the pregnant mama, new mama and Ted got the new daddy so I'm currently looking for some type of shelving or cabinet display thing for it. 
12. Ted and I call Austin "moose" - it just sorts stuck one day and I saw this in hobby lobby yesterday but left it there since it was $70!
13. I watch Wheel of Fortune with Tes just about every night were home. 
14. We talked about how I wanted the Toyota Venza but we decided to keep my Camry instead. Well now I want a VW Toureg 

15. My oldest nephew turned 7 today and while he was getting ready to have everyone sing to him he asked if Austin could sit on his lap. My heart melted. 

16. I've always had the desire to live in the south. Somewhere like Marietta Geoegia or Alabama or Texas somewhere. My full dream is to have Chip & Joanna renovate a house for me. 
17. I talk to my best friend Katie on the phone every single week day from 8:10am til about 8:45 and then sporadically throughout the day. 
18. Adjusting to Jakes blindness has been hard. Emotionally for me and physically for him. It's heartbreaking. 
19. I put Chapstick on at least 10 times a day. 
20. I drink probably half a gallon of iced tea a day (homemade that I make just tea bags and lemons)
21. I'm obsessed with Whole Foods
22. I just went to a World Market for the first time ever last month and LOVED IT
23. We literally pack each time we go to my moms for the day a bag for us, a bag for the baby, a bag for the dog and what ever else we decide to bring with us. 
24. I've not really been fond of my birthday since around 2005. 
25. I could eat cake or cookies and milk for breakfast. I don't. But I could if I had to. Lol 
26. I could watch Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead every day 
27. I have insanely ugly feet. Like. It's almost not normal. No exaggeration. 
28. I hate balloons. 
29. I've been contemplating opening an Etsy shop or trying to sell wreaths online. I really enjoy making them and would love to do so for others 
30. I can't stand pedastal sinks. 
31. My favorite season is fall and one of the top reasons why is jeans and hoodies. 
32. I cried about missing my dad yesterday and hate that the pain of his death is still very very present in my heart 
33. I miss being pregnant....
34. ....but I love my sweet boy more than anything in the world

Happy Thursday!!