Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

I've been a busy bee this week. I'm happy it's the weekend. Ted is off tomorrow and we don't have anything planned except finalize the baby's room. 

Speaking of which... My number one on my favorites is our glider/rocker and ottoman. 
I had a different one picked out originally but had a lot of problems ordering it. The first one I wanted was $599. I had a 15% off furniture coupon and opened a credit card for an additional 15% off. And Babies R Us has free shipping over $19. So I thought it was going to be a great deal. Except the furniture coupon didn't work on the chair. Because apparently the gliders "don't count as furniture" and my 15% off for opening the card didn't work online either (this was an online only item) and finally, I had free shipping, but apparently there is a freight surcharge of $130! 

So it was a horrendous experience. So once Ted got home from work I was basically in tears. So we took a ride to the store and got the one I fell in love with first. And was able to use both coupons and had no surcharge! So all together we spent $510 for a $625 chair/ottoman combo. And it will be here in 5 days which is awesome!! So excited!!! 

So lately I've been really really wanting peach iced tea from Olive Garden. So my bff and I went to lunch there last week. Well, the other day, in the pouring rain mind you, I went to OG and got a peach iced tea to go... 
I was one happy girl! Haha 

I saw this on the Internet and laughed pretty hard. The struggle is real on this one. My hubby is pretty good about picking up after himself but he definitely does this from time to time. Just leaves his clothes in front of the hamper. 

So I'm super excited about this! I ordered this dress from Pink Blush Maternity for my baby shower... I'm so anxious for it to arrive! It is sure to be a new favorite!

Oh by the way, when I picked up the peach tea, I also ordered another with no ice to save for later, soup, salad, bread sticks, Alfredo sipping sauce for the bread and a pice of chocolate mousse cake. Hahaha. #preggo

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating
Out on Monday to Long Horn for a nice steak and it was delish!
Taco Tuesday...
Baked chicken Wednesday 
Turkey chili Thursday 
Homemade pizza Friday....Lent

What I'm reminiscing about
Aruba. Summer. Warm Weather. 


What I'm loving
Baskin Robbins Cappucino Blasts
Fixer Upper Marathons
Not getting up with an alarm but still getting up early and feeling good. 
Shopping for baby

I love that I totally changed my theme and went with gray and white. There are just so many cute things!!

What we've been up to
Doctor appointments...
Getting the nursery together. 

Baking lots and lots 
Generally relaxing and getting all things done 

What I'm dreading
Going in to labor early. I know it's not typical but - it's my first pregnancy and it's a fear of mine... Other than that just generally not being prepared when the baby comes. Although, I have lists and lists and am so organized. So we will see.

What I'm working on 
Getting everything ready for the baby. Trying to accept STILL being in this house that we both hate. 
Going through all my lists and checking things off slowly but surely 

What I'm excited about
Becoming a mom!!!!!!
And seeing Ted become a daddy!!

What I'm watching/reading
Reading Southern Living magazines and pregnancy books.
HGTV addict. 
Devils Hockey 

What I'm listening to
Anything relaxing I guess. 
I've also gone back to Dave Matthews. I forgot how much I loved them. 

What I'm wearing
All things warm & comfy
Specifically maternity stuff....
Maternity jeans are awesome... lol 

And maternity leggings...
Lots of comfy things. 
Except for this dress I wore to a baby shower last weekend

What I'm doing this weekend
Nothing for once. So that means I'm probably going to shop with my mom, shampoo the carpet in the baby's room and continue to organize!! 
What I'm looking forward to next month 
 My baby shower!!

What else is new
Nothing. Besides not working and prepping for baby that's all. And that's enough trust me!  

And because random is always fun...

He's so cute with his elephant. 

I rescued a dog from running down the middle of a very busy road. 
Picture this: 20° - 8 months pregnant - bribing a dog into my back seat whole cars are all stopped around me. 
I found her home luckily. Sweet girl. 

I hung our N on the kitchen wall finally. 
N from Hobby Lobby
Sconces from Partylite

Happy Wednesday!!!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mid-Month Confessions

February 2016
Mid-Month Confessions 

So just to recap from some classics....

I still give my cats milk on the floor at night. 

I no longer hide laundry because....gasp...I keep up on the laundry these days since being home now. 


So here are some new ones...

Since I've stopped working, I have stopped washing my hair as much. I tend to wash it every other day. I shower everyday, but don't wash my hair. Last week... I went 4 days without washing my hair. Not gonna lie, I can't pull that off. It felt glorious to wash it after that long. The girly girl in me longs to be one of those women who can go a week without a wash and have fabulous hair. But that's just not the case. 
We went to a hockey game last weekend and I was "kinda hungry" so I got french fries and a pretzel before going to our seats. Then I wanted ice cream, so I got ice cream...with lots of sprinkles. Lol 
Ted snapped this pic of me 
 Me and the babe standing up to stretch. Those seats aren't that comfy when you're not preggo.
It was a long couple of hours! Haha
We saw Sebastian Maniscalco live in Atlantic City for Valentines Day. 
It was fun except I was loudly calling people out on smoking. Casinos are awful. Everyone knows it's basically a big smoke cloud. So I obnoxiously walked around with my scarf over my mouth and when someone would look at me I'd say "not everyone wants lung cancer dirtbag" not a proud moment but surely how I felt. Mind you my mouth was in my scarf so no one actually heard me. 
He's hilarious. Look him up when you have a second. 
This is as far as we are on the baby room. Not good. Lol hubby is painting it today though. At 32 weeks pregnant, I wish we were done with this. But it is what it is. 
It's going to be cute. I'm excited! Gray and white and elephants. Yay 
I feed the squirrels in my yard daily. I throw peanuts into those buckets so the blue jays can't get them. I proceed to talk to them through the glass too. Might be crazy lol oh well. 

That's all for now. I am super busy getting ready for baby!!! Have a great Monday!!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, the weekend has come and gone in the blink of an eye. 
On Friday we had a random snow storm that dropped like 5 inches of snow on the ground. 
It was crazy. I woke up at like 2am to use the bathroom #preggoproblems. I looked out the window and it wasn't doing a darn thing out there. 
Then when I woke up it was crazy snowing. 
Needless to say, I didn't go anywhere on Friday. Ted had to run out with a friend after work so on his way home, he brought back Mexican food #amen. 
Saturday we got up early and I made pancakes. Then we got ready for the Devils game and headed out the door. Our friend turned 30 so a group of us headed to the day game. 
We had lots of fun as always. The game was a good one, but unfortunately the Devs lost. 

It doesn't matter though because we had so much fun! 
On Sunday we kinda hung around and got a few things done. We ordered in Hibachi and watched that silly football game. I'm just SO not a fan of football. 
These two snuggled the day away...

The baby had hiccups twice. 
I may or may not have showered. 
I may or may not had ice cream twice. 
All in all it was a good weekend. 
And... I found this oldie 

Happy Monday Y'all !


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What's Hap"pinning" Wednesday

Linking up with Jenn

Yesterday was so damn productive! 
I love a day where I can get so much accomplished - outside the house this was though. 
I decided to go to HomeGoods to look for a chalkboard and instead found a dresser for the baby's room! 
I called Ted and sent him a picture and he loved it so as you all know with HomeGoods you HAVE to buy it when you see it or it goes. 

So here it is in the room! The room is getting painted this weekend. We assumed we would find a dresser and have to order it but that just wasn't the case. It's here and we love it! 

So since I didn't find a chalkboard at home goods, I went over to Michael's and looked around there for one and found a few that were cute but not quite what I was looking for. So I asked one of the employees if there were any tucked aside somewhere that I couldn't see in the store and sure enough there was and she walked me to an area where there was corkboard's and marker boards and there was one beautiful chalkboard exactly what I was looking for...

With my 40% off coupon this beautifully framed chalkboard ended up costing me around $20. So excited it's already hanging up on the wall that I pictured it to be hanging on. Now I just have to stand in front of it and take a belly picture LOL I've been seriously procrastinating with doing that. 

Then I stop at Home Depot to pick up the paint for the baby's room and decided to take a walk around and see what was there and I ended up finding something that I had been envisioning wanting for the room but couldn't remember where I could go to get exactly what I pictured.  

I got this and white with navy blue containers that go in it. The containers have gray handles and trim on them and it is just going to match our nursery so well. 

When Ted came home from work we went to HomeGoods to pick up the dresser and had no problems getting it in the truck and getting it home. His parents came over and his dad helped him get it into the house and into the baby room. We ordered pizza, and visited with them for little bit and they left. 

Then we watch the Devils kick the Rangers butts and headed to bed.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show & Tell - Winning my heart

There are several ways to my heart. 
Small things like... Kisses from my nephews, a phone call from my mom, seeing a cardinal visiting and knowing its my dad, but since I'm somewhat newly married still,
this is gonna be all about my hubby. 
There are so many small ways that he steals my heart without even recognizing it. He's so sweet and so thoughtful. I'm reminded all the time how lucky I am and that I married the most amazing man. 

Cleaning up after dinner and telling me to go sit down with my feet up. 
Kissing my forehead when I'm just sitting next to him. 
Spending the day shopping with me when it's probably not his favorite thing to do. 
Listening to me go on and on about all my random thoughts and ideas. 
Yapping about places I want to go and vacations I've planned but we aren't actually planning on going on. 
He genuinely enjoys every meal I make him and tells me how amazing it is and how he loves everything I make. 
We just have SO much fun together all the time
He will do cute things like do a load of towels, fold them and put them away... but of course, like a man, in one trip :)
He has a special connection with my nephews and they adore him and it melts my heart
He is going to be an amazing daddy.... I can just tell already
He just literally wins my heart every single day in every way

He gets my sense of humor and wasn't opposed to using this as our 2015 Christmas card, but we didn't end up using it after all.....but he was totally on board.
He wins my heart just by being him

Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was great!
Friday night Ted and I decided to grab a bite out and go to bed early. Exciting right?
On Saturday he had to work overtime, so I spent the whole day shopping with my mom.
Pretty much one of my favorite things to do ever.
We took a ride to the Pottery Barn Kids store and just oogled over every single thing!
I thought I had decided on how I want to decorate our nursery and for good reason.
Here, let me explain...
About 3 years ago I came across a chair at HomeGoods...
This one to be exact (but printed arms, not solid)
So I saw this and wanted to buy it.
I called my mom and asked her what she thought and we both kind of agreed that it was a little too soon since I was like JUST engaged. The print on this chair is special to me for a few reasons...First of all, there is an Austin Healey on it.
Austin Healey's are the cars my dad was passionate about.
It's the red little car I drive.
My mom has one, my brother, all our family friends...
So that car jumped out at me.
Next, the surf board on the wagon.
My hubby is a big surfer....
And last - the VW beetle...
We're a VW family lol - well not me anymore, but I did drive 3 over the last 16 years.
SO -  This was the pattern/color scheme I was going with.
It's Glenna Jean Uptown Traffic.


As I started to pick up things here and there and look for things, I wasn't finding a whole heck of a lot. But I didn't let that stop me.
Until Saturday.
Pottery Barn Kids is way too persuasive!
So now we are going with this theme....because....OMG....

So what was supposed to just be a walk through PBK - turned in to me registering for all the nursery bedding and all thing baby elephant.

Then we hit up TJMaxx and found so many cute elephant things!
I love the gray and white and I'm thinking of doing a pop of navy or aqua

I think I'm liking the lighter pop of color.
What are your thought!?

Also - we stopped at Babies R Us to check out the Gliders.
I wanted to show my mom the one I liked.
And when I saw it in the store I went in Saturday, the cushion was all smooshy and cruddy looking. So I was disappointed. It didn't look like it held up well.

Then I saw this one, and I loved it

It's also a recliner - and it's super comfy
And I actually think I like it more than the one I thought I liked,
which was this one....
What you ya'll think?
Those of you with little ones chime in here...
This is all new to me!

So that was Saturday....
When I got home, I spent like 3 hours on Pinterest and googling all things gray, white, and elephant for the nursery....I just love it!

On Sunday... I got up early and went to 8:00 mass with my mama
Then Ted & I were on the hunt for a dresser for the baby's room but had no luck. Any suggestions are welcomed! 
We had dinner at my moms with the family and headed home for an early night and watched a little Grease live. But forgive me for being judgmental or what ever it may be, but nothing compares to the original!