Friday, September 16, 2016

We're Officially Moving !!!!!!!!!

The day has finally come - we are moving !

So we listed our house (for the second time) on August 15th.
We had 3 showings that day.
On August 16th we got an offer from the first couple that looked at our house.
On August 17th negotiations were final and we moved toward attorney review!!!
Here's a few shots from our listing:

This is our living room from the front door. I hate how the carpet photographed after the retouching. Ugh it looks filthy! It's soo not!!

Our little kitchen 

Austin's Nursery 💙

So on October 3rd we close - which means I've been a packing and purging fool!!

Packing absolutely stinks.... but there's a reason why I despise it so greatly for this particular situation. We haven't found a new house yet. So for the time being, we're moving in with my mom.
It's certainly going to be interesting moving our little family in with her but it's what we need to do for now.

So the frustrating thing about packing is what is going where. We have items going in her basement. We have boxes for winter use while we're living there (clothing, hats, scarves etc).
We have stuff going in to storage that we won't be needing while we're living with her.
We have our bed frames from our room and the guest room going in a friends basement.
Ted's cabinet with all his "man clothes" lol (like camo coat and hunting stuff) is going to his parents house.

So needless to say, it's chaos.
Throw in a 6 month old who's not a fan of napping in the morning for longer than 45 minutes, a blind dog that moves every time I do, whom I also trip over constantly and my general lack of motivation to do all this once I get a minute when all the above are calm.
So Ted and I have been burning the midnight oil...ok ok - the 8pm oil who are we kidding we're in bed by 9:30.
 We have piles everywhere. 

We are not sure where we are going to move and what exactly our plan is but we do know the two neighborhoods we want to live in.

Do we buy something that needs some work?
Do we build on a lot since there are so many?
We talked to two builders and one of them has several plan options. I like this one:

Do we wait and see what comes on the market?
For now we're gonna just stay put at my moms until after Christmas & New Years.
Then we are going to really think about what to do next.
Unless of course in the mean time something fabulous pops on the market.
Because now we have buying power with nothing pending, no contingencies or anything.

I mentioned a while ago that we had a contract on a house and I loved it then.
But the more we talked about it and looked at it the less we were in to it.

Everything happens for a reason, and this just wasn't ours. 

In the meantime, this guy turned 6 months old and Ted and I are scout to celebrate our 2nd anniversary!

He has a tiny bit of blonde hair on that cute big ol head of his! 
I've really loved making his food. It's so easy and kinda fun in a weird way. 
I love knowing exactly what he's eating. And he seems to love it too!

We should be all out of this house by the 30th so once we are settled I plan to blog more. 
We are going away for the night next weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We seriously can't wait!! 
I just hope no hurricanes foil our plans because if the one out in the ocean hangs a left our plans are crap. 

Happy Monday!