Tuesday, March 31, 2015

End of March

How is March over? Goodness, I feel like it's still February!
Thankfully it's Spring and the warm weather is quickly approaching!
I remember this saying from Elementary School :)
Anyway, since the house is for sale, and I'm really NOT motivated to do anything to "put money" into the house lately, I'm so hesitant to plant flowers and all that stuff.
Sound awful doesn't it. Sigh, I just don't really want to do it here this year.
But as you imagine after such a craptastic winter, IT NEEDS IT!
I just love this...
My mom's yard/front is always so beautifully landscaped.
I love a big bountiful garden area full of gorgeous plants and flowers.

Being that my spring break is next week - I hope to tackle something to make it look prettier around here, but don't hold your breath.
I'm going to be making Fruity Pebble Cupcakes around Easter - so keep an eye out for that recipe. I came up with it in my head based on all these donuts floating around dipped in fruity pebbles. I'm hoping they won't come out too sweet. I'm sure an actual recipe is out there somewhere on the internet - But I'm going to go with the plan I made in my head and see how it works out... I'm excited. So is my husband haha.
March was a whirlwind...
We looked at lots of houses, did a lot of hanging, had some snow days and spent time with family and friends.
What's coming up for April....
Car Show
Spring Break
Road Trips
Spring Cleaning
Dinner(s) with Friends
Last "Devils" Party
Family time
And the #1 thing I NEED to do is order our wedding album!!
Meet me here tomorrow for What's Cookin' Wednesday!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Nail Polish & Weekend Wrap Up

Ahh Monday again... How quickly you creep up!
Wrapping up my weekend & Sharing my favorite nail polishes!
 Linking up with Andrea for this one....
All of them are OPI - and I truly prefer gel...
Black Onyx is a fave for sure.... but black is tough sometimes
 Black Cherry Chutney is my GO TO!
I do this one OFTEN!!
 Skyfall is another favorite.... love the deep red color
And when I'm feeling saucy... I got for French tips. But I have little patience for tips...
but I love the way it looks..

On Friday after work I went home and tackled some laundry because let's not kid ourselves, I always have a huge laundry pile going on...
I made flat bread pizzas for dinner...

Usually when I make my homemade pizza, I do it a bit differently,
But since it's Lent, I'm keeping it meat free & simple.

This is the only picture I grabbed of the two of us. Yikes. 

Saturday Ted had to work, so I did come cleaning around the house and then once he came home we went to do a few errands and grabbed dinner at outback. 
We had some fun at Harbor Freight as well....

Loooong story about why I wanted a welding helmet! Totally hilarious. 
I got a great deal on cowboy boots at......
KOHLS! I paid $16.79 for these bad boys. I love them and love to channel my inner Texan. 

Sunday I went to church for Palms :)
And while I was heading over the bridge I saw this...

Then headed to moms to help her do a few things. We ended up getting two truck beds full of firewood for her from a friend. She was super stoked! 
Life is extremely hard being a pet in our home. I mean....

Later, Ted & I went out for dinner with my Pop Pop and his wife to an Asian Buffet that he has been dying to get us to go to with him.
Not my favorite choice for dinner, but it wasn't awful ;)
I saw these photos on a link about texas and loved them...

 I need this shirt!
Thankfully this is a 4 day work week then I'm officially on Spring Break!!
Super excited for this week to end and get on with my staycation!
Have a great week everyone!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites ~ NJ Style

My Favorite things today is all about living where I live…
New Jersey gets a bad rap sometimes, but I absolutely love it here.

Especially the beaches, close proximity to NYC and Atlantic City and Philly.And honestly, the residents of NJ are pretty defensive of criticism. No we aren't anything like "Jersey Shore" on MTVNo we don't have cancer water...And no our beaches aren't contaminated!

 I love that we get to experience all 4 seasons.


My favorite is hands down, fall.

But early fall – when it’s still sort of warm and the air smells so fresh. I really enjoy the summer too. But once summer starts to wind down, I get so excited for fall, then once fall closes out I get excited for Christmas and snow and all thing cold. But that love is brief because I then want spring. Haha it’s really a weird cycle and I don’t think I’m alone on these feelings. But here at the Jersey shore we have really hot summers and really cold winters and everything in between.

I love being so close to the beach

Seaside Park Entrance....
 My beach going has seriously gone down over the last couple of years, but I do enjoy going and sitting in a beach chair with an umbrella (I burn like a champ)
Last year, I don’t think I got to sit on the beach AT ALL because I was planning our wedding and had like 6 other weddings one of which I was the MOH and one of which Ted was in.
So we were quite busy.

I love that I grew up "working" at the beach.
I worked at a place called Water Works. It's still kind of there now, but it has a new name and is all sorts of different.
But back in the day, that was THE place to go in the summer.

Sorry for the bad pic - its googled and that's all I found
I was a "wrist band attendant" when I first started at 14 - I put on and took off the wrist bands you had to wear to go there.
Then I moved up to Slide Attendant, where I told you when to go and when to wait.
And then lifeguard.
I worked there until I was 18 and LOVED it!
It was so much fun in the summer....
A few years ago it made the switch to "Breakwater Beach"

Once I graduated high school - I started working at a liquor store haha

There are so many other reasons I love it here.
Ya'll should come for a visit!
There's lots to do here :)

Linking up with Andrea today!
Have a Great Weekend!!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!
This week has been so crazy, I feel like our lives in general the past FEW weeks has been crazy and that I'm always saying this!
Haha - Well my originally intended post for today got messed up so instead, I'm going to share about "life lately"
I've been trying to embrace leggings more.
I just think my body shape doesn't look the best in leggings.
People tell me otherwise, but it's just a personal thing I guess.
That being said, I'm wearing them today :)

Thanks for the tip Sheaffer
I'm trying to be less obsessive on the house hunt.
I feel like my husband is so patient with me when it comes to this topic, but it also seems like it's all we I talk about lately.
It's difficult because, it's very exciting for me.
HOWEVER, there's plenty of other things to talk about
I have 2 free flights with Southwest and a free place to stay when I go to Texas.
I'm thinking I need to book us a trip to visit my bestie sooner than later.
It's been too long (since September hah)
I'm over the cold weather. Luckily today we had a small break in cold and it's like 45* but raining. I'll take it. BUT we're expected to get SNOW again on Saturday!
Since Spring break starts next Friday, and I'm itching to do SOMETHING, I think we're going to take a few day trips. The one I'm most excited about is the
I've been there a bunch of times as a kid, but haven't been back in years,
 and Ted has never been!
We're planning to meet up with my cousin Mark since he lives nearby.
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's Cookin' Wednesday

"Pot Roast" Chicken
This was a dish my gramma made and then my mom and I finally made it on Monday night.
It's super easy, and soooo full of flavor!
I'm not sure if it's an actual recipe - or if my Gramma made it in her "pot roast" pot one night and named it as such.... but never the less, it's delish so here it is...
What You Need:
Chicken Thighs
Flour (about a cup)
2-3 Celery stalks, minced 
1 small Onion, minced
Chicken Stock
Egg Noodles
What You Do:
In a large zip lock bag, dump in your flour salt and pepper and shake around.
Add your chicken thighs, coating well
In a dutch oven, heat about 2TBSP butter
Brown chicken on first side, then flip, brown second side.
Removing chicken and placing on a plate when completed
In the dutch oven, add a little more butter
Add the celery and onion
Sautee a little while until translucent
Add your chicken back in
Add in some chicken stock, enough to come to the top of the chicken, but not cover it.
Place lid on dutch oven and simmer on low for an hour/hour and 15 minutes
Cook egg noodles as instructed on bag....serve over egg noodles.
The floured chicken creates a thick enough sauce...

After browning, removed chicken, put on plate

Put veg in pot with chicken bits and butter

I only used one of these!

It may not LOOK like it's super yummy, but it is. Trust me !
It's super easy and SO yummy!
It's truly a childhood staple for me :)

Be sure to check out the side bar ---> "recipes" for lots more!!

  Linking up with Andrea for Recipe Club today

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pinterest is taking over!!!

...And I mean that in the most loving way possible.
I absolutely LOVE Pinterest! I do. But dang. Where on earth am I ever going to have enough money and time to create all these amazing things that I've "pinned" !? (haha)
So Obviously, we're selling our home, Oh - I just purchased a St. Joseph home selling kit by the way - so yea. Haha Anyway, I've been a pinning machine lately because I can't wait to get in to a new house and make it OURS! ALSO - We've been talking about babies and so I've been pinning ALL THINGS BABY....like a dang champ.
Check me out on Pinterest: Here
After the fiasco that was "THE" house from a few weeks ago, we are now talking more seriously about new construction. There just is no competition with it. Everything is new, and you just have to move in and unpack. AND - the homes we're looking at are 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom colonials with a 2 car garage so what else do ya need really?
Remember this kitchen....

Yes. Please.
Oh to have enough room for all my "kitchen" stuff!!
And the amazing master suite with huge walk in closet it exactly what I need :)
Speaking of closets....
I'd really love to hear from anyone who recently bought a house...
My husband bought our house we're in now almost 6 years ago....
So this whole buying/selling thing is new to me.
I love the buying part but the selling part is killing me!
I'm so anxious to get out!!
I dream to do this in our new house...
Have a cool "mudroom" entry into the house from the garage

For the gust bathroom

For the pantry door - love this!

For my Jakey boy under the stair case!
Go check out my Pinterest page and see what I've been pinning lately ;)
Happy Tuesday

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by! I hate when that happens.
On Friday I went out for lunch with my mom like always, and it had started to snow. I got back to work around 12:30 and went to my office (which has no windows, lucky me) so I didn’t see what was going on outside until I was told by someone else that “the snow was coming down fast and heavy and accumulating” so I got up to go look and saw a winter wonderland!
My male co-worker was like, ok let’s pack it in and get out of here before it gets worse.
This is what I saw walking out of my building….
 And then this was driving....
Heading into my neighborhood.... looks like Alaska!

Fun Stuff!!
On Saturday, we did a few errands and then went to visit our friends who just had a baby and snuggle with the lil man for a bit...
My stomach wasn't feeling so hot - hence the face... but OMG the cuteness!!


I went out with my mom, aunt and cousins for my cousins birthday and these two (mom and aunt) were fighting over who got to pay the bill for the whole table... we were rolling laughing...so funny.
Sunday morning, Ted got up early to take a ride to Cabela's with his Dad...
I headed to church with my mom and nephews...
I was happily wearing my new tunic from Tara Lynns
sooo comfy!!
When I came home this little nut was trying to get something from my bag

And when I ate my lunch....we were having a stare down. She wanted my turkey!

Sunday night we took the long way along the water to my moms house for dinner.
When we got home, these two were all cuddled up on the couch

And because I didn't do a weekend recap last week - we took my nephews bowling...
We had a blast & they just love their uncle :-)

How stinkin' cute is this kid!

 This came up on Trivia Crack this weekend.... I laughed a little because what female doesn't know this answer?! Haha

Have a great week!

 ~My favorite " go to " home remedy for being sick is:
Tea, Sleep and a heated blanket!