My Story

Hi! I'm Tiffany ~
A 30 something girl from Jersey 

I just married the love of my life this past September!
I work in a middle school in my town

I live in a pretty big beach community...
about 5 minutes from the ocean!
I love to cook, bake, entertain, shop and have fun!
My husband and I have one adorable rescued dog, one  shy old snake and two crazy rescue cats!
I found the blog world about 3 years ago after the sudden passing of my dad ~
I took to the internet to read about ways to cope with the loss, and how to help my mom cope, and for general comfort
~ little did I know I’d discover this amazing world of women who all support each-other and have a great time doing so.
Since then I have been trying to figure out my angle on how to be a blogger myself.
I’m not sure about “putting it all out there” but I think I’m ready to give it a shot now!
I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my world!