Monday, August 15, 2016

August Mid-Month Confessions

It's been a while since I've blogged. I have just been so busy.
Our house is officially BACK on the market as of today!  
So I have been cleaning and purging and painting etc for a few weeks.
Throw in our blind pup that is still adjusting and our 5 month old and the fact that it's been like 100° for the past 2 weeks, it's been a bit crazy!! 
Needless to say, I have some confessions so here we go.....

The real estate photographer came last Wednesday to photograph our house again since we renovated the kitchen and updated some things.... So we all remember my shoving my laundry in the car thing....well surprisingly, the laundry was done! Shocking, I know...
But I used the laundry baskets (plural) to toss everything on top of the dressers and framed pictures and anything else that was "out".
It's still sitting in the back room. I need to empty it out. I'm just not in the mood. 
Buuuuuuuut - the pictures came out amazing!!


I haven't cooked dinner in a while. Well consistently at least. We've been eating at my moms. Or ordering in. It's just been way too dang hot! But tonight I'm cooking. We went to Whole Foods yesterday so we're all stocked up! 

We booked our anniversary trip and I honestly cannot wait to go away with my husband. We haven't gone anywhere since the babies been born which was only five months ago so that's no big thing. But him and I could use a night away. My mom is watching Austin & Jake and we're going for one night to Ocean City, MD. We can not wait!! 

Once our house sells we're moving in with my mom until we find something else or she does. She's been talking about down sizing since her house is kinda large. So we'll see if that is an actual true feeling. Then we'll buy her house. We just haven't 100% decided yet. But regardless. I can't wait to live with my mom. And neither can Ted lol. 
#momscooking #liveinbabysitter #savemoney #noshame
I love love love being a full time mama. But I wanted to do something to make some "shopping money" so I joined Rodan & Fields as an independent consultant!
I'm so excited about it.
I got my consultant kit and started using the products already and OMG I'm in love!!
The eye cream alone is just amazing!! 

If you are interested in purchasing products, becoming a preferred customer (which has TONS of perks) or becoming a consultant, please email me!!
I'd love to talk to you about these amazing products and an amazing business opportunity!! 


I'm sure there's more to confess... but my brain just isn't coming up with anything more!

Have a great week!!