Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Blog Swap

I linked up with a few girls for a fun fall swap!
We got to know each-other a little bit and then bought a few things for our partner and switched!
Now I'm blogging about what my swap partner sent me!
I was linked up with Tayler from The Morrell Tale

 My package arrived and I was super excited to open it up!
There was all kinds of fun goodies inside...

Pumpkin bread mix 
I'll surely be whipping this up this week!
Pumpkin spice icing 
I've never seen this before so I'm interested to see how it is!
Hello Fall sign 
Already on display in my bathroom!
2 fall candles 
I burn candles like nobody's business, these two are gonna be burned soon!
2 cute pumping bracelets
I haven't decided if I'm going to keep these or gift them to my two sweet little girl cousins...
but they sure are cute!

All my favorites!

Thank you Tayler for such a sweet package!
I hope you enjoyed yours!



  1. I loved your package! Glad you liked mine!

  2. Thanks for joining in on this Fall Swap!
    I love the little Hello Fall sign, it is wayyy cute! =)