Monday, April 4, 2016


3 weeks have gone by since this little man decided to join us 4 weeks early.
In those 3 weeks -
I've had to deal with bringing a newborn home to a house not ready for him.
Thankfully my mom is amazing and spent lots and lots of time here helping us.
We had a 1 week check in with the pediatrician and ended up back in the hospital with severe jaundice, low temperature and high heart rate.... for 36 hours.
We came back home and adjusted, again.
And then discovered something was wrong with our sweet pup Jake.
He was acting like he couldn't see.
So Ted took him to the vet that moment we noticed...
The next day we had an appointment with a canine eye specialist.
And we were told he was going blind.
He's 6.
We were devastated.
We go on Wednesday for a test to determine WHY this is happening.
And from what we were told it's one of two things.
It's either SARDS or something neurological.
SARDS is Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome
Basically - sudden total loss of vision for no reason.
Something terrible like a tumor on his brain.
So we wait for Wednesday.
We hope it's neither.
But - the lesser of the two evils is SARDS.
Dogs can adjust to blindness. But it takes time.
We have both been taking it pretty bad.
And that seems to be typical - it's harder for pet parents than the pet himself.
Adjusting to a newborn....
and now the possibility of having a completely blind dog who needs us to help him...
all while re-listing the house and possibly moving.
It's a bit much.
I'm trying like hell to get myself together and take it all in and accept that this is Gods plan and that I know he only gives us what we can handle, but dang it's difficult.
So that's where we've been at for the past 3 weeks.
That's why the blog has been silent.
I'll be back with shower pictures.
And baby pictures.
But for now - I'm still just trying to get a shower in, make sure everyone is fed, and keep my poor blind pup safe in his home.  
Keep my Jakey boy in your prayers.

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  1. Oh girl I am so sorry. This is a LOT to take in at once. I will definitely be praying for y'all and for Jake and for your new little man! I'm so glad your mom has been there. One day at a time friend. You're gonna make it through!