Wednesday, July 9, 2014

" ing..."

A girl who's blog I follow did this today and I thought it was super fun, so I decided to give it a try! 
Here we go...

Cooking:  Nothing! Amanda is visiting from Texas for the next couple of days so we will be dining out!
Drinking:  Pure Leaf unsweetened tea.
Eating:  Just ate a buttered roll for breakfast
Wanting:  The next 2 hours of work to FLY!
Looking:  Forward to Amanda's visit & my shower on Saturday!
Playing:  with my nephews is my favorite!
Wasting:  TIME at work! I can't wait to get out of here!
Sewing:  I wish I could sew! But I suppose I should get my wedding dress hemmed some time soon!
Wishing:  My amazing fiancé a very Happy Birthday!
Listening:  A mix on Pandora ~ Currently the song "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts
Waiting: *Patiently* for Amanda's arrival!
Liking:  My new Erin Condren Life Planner
Wondering:  What Aruba will be like, the anticipation is killing me!
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Loving:  Taking night time bike rides! Now that we have lights on the front and back of our bikes, it's much safer! The weather is just perfect and it's so calming!
Hoping:  I can get some work done today! (Not likely)
Marvelling:  At the fact that it takes me 35 minutes to get to work now rather than 15... I guess it has something to do with living in a beach town in the summer ;)

Needing:  An iced coffee! BUT I'm trying to give them up, again.
Smelling:  Unpleasant smells that come from a school in the summer
Wearing:  Denim shorts & a red t-shirt & my yoga flips!
Praying:  For a safe flight for my best friend
Noticing:  That I need to control my patience better and not lose them as often
Giggling:  About how silly T & I were Sunday night with the word "bison"
Feeling:  Tired, I've been running around lately and haven't been sleeping well
Remembering: Summers when I was a kid.... So much fun & so carefree !

Have a GREAT day !  

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  1. Aruba is a great little island!! It's not the lush and tropical Caribbean island I had in mind but the water is crystal clear!! Do not under any circumstances leave that island without going snorkeling!! You also have to eat at the french restaurant Papillon, it's some of the best food I ever had! Get the Chevre Salad as an appetizer, not kidding when I tell you if I went on food network's "The Best Thing I ever Ate" I would be rambling on about that salad for hours!!!!