Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 4th and My Birthday...

This past July 4th Weekend was no more quiet than any other weekend around here these days. Since I don't work Fridays in the summer, I was of course off regardless of the holiday. The weather was pretty crappy all morning from what was left of Hurricane Arthur. T and I took a ride down to the bay and then over to the beach to check out the waves and see if it was bad over there...

The Bay

The beach wasn't too bad, the waves were pretty big which was exciting for T. He loves to surf and when hurricanes roll through, that brings us some pretty decent waves. I on the other hand hold my breath every second he is out in that water! I didn't have a camera up on the beach because there was a huge sandstorm going on but the waves were HUGE! We took a quick walk on the boardwalk and got some candy from my favorite sweet shop and smelled the amazing smell of Midway - seriously, this is the best cheesesteak/sausage sandwich place EVER! So glad Sandy spared this place!!

I'm drooling thinking about it!

We headed back home after that and took a little bike ride... The fireworks were cancelled for the 4th and postponed to the 5th due to the high winds, but that didn't stop people in the neighborhood from putting on a show!

Saturday & Sunday were pretty quiet. Saturday we hung out at my moms during the afternoon, did a few things for her and relaxed a bit, had some dinner and headed home.

 My oldest nephew turned 5 on Sunday so we hung out at my brothers for a bit. We headed home and took a little nap before heading out to our favorite Sunday spot Latitudes. What is better than live music (favorite band I might add) the smell of the bay, sand between your toes and a cold beer?



Monday was my birthday. The big 3-2 ! I dunno - birthdays just aren't exciting anymore, but that's ok. I worked half a day which was pretty boring, but headed out at around 11:45. I went home and had some pizza from my favorite pizza place, watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel and hit up Kohls' for some ideas on what to wear to my Bridal Shower this coming weekend. Needless to say I wasn't too successful, however I did manage to get this adorable skirt.

T surprised me and came home early from work - so we hung out a little bit and headed up to see his parents and my mom before going out to dinner. I decided I wanted to go to Houlihan's, primarily for their mushroom appetizer. It is just so delicious!

Stuffed 'Shrooms
The yummy melty cream cheese and garlicky deliciousness that oozes out of these little delights is just perfection!  I had a mini entrĂ©e filet mignon to follow it. All in all, not a bad birthday dinner if you ask me. After that T and I went for a bike ride with my mom around her neighborhood, then headed home. Tonight my mom is making dinner and having birthday cake for T & I since his birthday is tomorrow. Yup - 2 days apart (and one year, which he always reminds me of) for two days each year, he is "2 years" younger than me.
The next few days should be crazy! My future hubs turns 31 tomorrow, and I can't wait to see his excitement when he gets his gift! My absolute best friend in the world arrives from Texas tomorrow night and we have plans all day every day until she leaves and my Bridal Shower in Saturday! Ahh!
Lots of fun things coming up....

I'll leave you with the perfect view I had from the passenger side of T's truck coming over the bridge from the island the other day.... Life doesn't get any prettier than this..............


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