Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites: Baby Things....Opinions Welcome!

Linking up with the girls to share some favorites about baby...

I thought I'd share the things I've gotten so far that I just love.
And some things that I want...
I've mentioned before about my glider & ottoman from Babies 'R Us that I adore..
We got such a great deal on this - AND I just absolutely LOVE it.
Anyone have any opinions on chairs like there vs. the traditional rockers?
Pottery Barn Kids of course...
It's just so cute and I love the navy and the personalization!
I added it to my registry AND told my hubby that this would be a great gift from him
**hint hint**
I've read several reviews and people seem to love this bag.
I had originally wanted a Barrington diaper bag, but I actually like this one more.
Shocking. Seriously. I love ALL things Barrington...
But then again, I love all things PBK too!
Anyone have one of these?
Hobby Lobby for all things decorating!
I got the cutest sign for above the changing table from there.
Since my "pop" of color in the gray and white nursery is navy, this goes well!
I also picked up the letter of his first name, painted it navy and will frame it....
Something I saw on Pinterest a while back and loved.
Also, it's something that Joanna Gaines does on Fixer Upper in every house...
Look for it next time you watch!
You will see my finished product when I do the nursery reveal!
Oh my gosh the cuteness.
It doesn't help that HomeGoods, Marshalls and TJMaxx all have all these adorable gray and white elephant nursery accessories.
I may or may not have bought some of them....and gotten yelled at by my mom to stop buying myself stuff before my shower!
Oh well....
I just can't resist!
Baby Wraps!!
Now, I've never used one before, but I sure want to!
I registered for one that a friends wife told me about...
These are available at Babies 'R Us - and since I'm registered there, I added it to my registry.
Having been a reader of Heather's blog - Notes from The Nelsens - for a long time now, I saw her reviews of the wrap she uses and that is...
If I don't get the one I registered for I will most likely go for this one....
Either way, I definitely want a wrap.
I got this comfy outfit for the hospital and of course when I'm home.
I'm going to be in the hospital for about 3 days since I have to schedule a C-Section (more on that at another time) so I want something cute to wear when I have visitors. The tank is for nursing and the robe is super comfy and perfect to cover up with.
What products/items do you have or have you used that you think I just NEED and can't live with out?? I'm curious to see what everyone's favorites are!
So that is all for now...
I'm hoping to get the nursery situated and finalized over the weekend.
I have a baby shower on Saturday and a Baptism on Sunday.... but I plan for us to be productive at home regardless....
AND as if this weren't enough - we are re-listing our house on April 1st.
So we have a few other home things to get done!!
Have a great weekend friends!



  1. Many I miss my little baby! I really should do a post about all the things I LOVED using when she was a wee little one! I LOVE baby wearing! I did find that the wraps didn't work as well for me as a did a traditional carrier. We actually have 2 the Baby Bjorn which was great when she was little little and the Ergo 360 which is awesome as she got bigger and you can wear it front facing in or out, on your back which is great as they get older and bigger mine is almost 2 and LOVES to be worn on my back, and you can wear it on your hip! A baby swing was a must in our house as well!

    I LOVE that diaper bag as you know!

    Where in NJ are you guys?

  2. Love the baby items you picked out, especially those elephant storage holders!.
    Can't wait to see your nursery reveal!

  3. I love the things you have picked out! I think you made a good choice with the chair--traditional rockers are very nice, but can get uncomfortable after an extended period! For a diaper bag, I have a Petunia Pickle which I really like but my only problem has been that it does not zip shut (has a snap closure) my daughter's favorite activity became digging in the diaper bag and pulling things out when we went places and sometimes things would fall out in inopportune moments. Liz at