Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Life Lately

These last few weeks of being pregnant are flying. I almost wish I could slow it down but it the same sense I can't wait to meet our baby boy! So here's a look at life lately...

Amen to this pic... I love me some pickles 

This is what I'll be wearing to my shower. That's this weekend which I thought was kinda close to my due date, but we're good! I'll post pics of it on me next week!

I wore this Pink Blush dress again this past weekend to a baby shower. It's just so comfy and I love it. Different group of people so it was all good. Lol 

The favors were so cute at the shower. The theme was elephants so there was peanuts around and brittle for the favors. 

My brother came over to help my hubby put the crib together and he showed me all these pictures of my dad that he had. I had never seen this and it just makes me laugh. He had the best smile. This was in California when he went to help a friend get his car running. 

Part of our nursery. After the shower I'll get everything finalized and share more pictures. But for now I'm loving going in there and sitting in the chair thinking about his arrival. 

Basically how I feel most days...

I absolutely love true. 

And can we talk about meatball parm pizza. Oh. My. Gosh. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. 

We bought these little elephant dresser knobs for the sliding closet doors in the nursery and I put one on yesterday and just love it!

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday with my girlfriend and got a few things. This frame is one of them and exactly what I was picturing for the A in the nursery. That will be on the wall this weekend too!

And for fun, I was looking through my albums on Facebook and just love this picture of us on our honeymoon in Aruba. This was a perfect day. 

I sent this picture to my hubby and said it would be a perfect first Mother's Day present. I don't think he agrees. Haha #mamacandream

This was one of the first "belly" pictures I took. It was in a Kohls dressing room. I remember sending it to my best friend in Texas saying it was a maternity shirt or was going to buy and I was excited that I had a little belly....

Fast forward to 2 nights ago... Yowza!

Being pregnant has been amazing. Despite my complications and high risk, all is well and me and baby are doing great. I'll talk more about that after his safe delivery. I'm looking forward to this weekend and can't wait to share with y'all ! 



  1. I LOVE meatball pizza! We have it every now and again and every time we have it I remember just how much I love it! Sorry to hear that you have had a high risk pregnancy but at least you are enjoying it as much as possible! I personally HATED being pregnant but I love my little monkey more than anything and wouldn't change it for the world! Where are you delivering? I love all the elephants you have in the room!

  2. mmm gimme some pickles!! haha Love that glider too!

  3. Haha pickles. Gotta love it. I love pickle chips (chips flavored like pickles). Such a good flavor. :]

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