Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday....
Man, the weeks are just flying by. 
On Friday we stayed home and I made homemade pizza and garlic knots. Earlier, I had met up with my m for lunch on her break then went and did some shopping for her for an outfit to wear to Atlantic City that night. It was a success. Lol

I ended my night with a big ol' mug of ice cream....#preggo 

My boys couldn't quite hang...but that's ok. They're both cute :)

Saturday morning we (Ted) assembled the cube for the baby's room and it's just as cute as I pictured. 

My mom came by in the late afternoon and brought the changing pad holder thing for the top of the dresser. My dad made it for my brother when he had his oldest, so it's extremely special to me. As silly as it is being what it is, it's still special to have something made by him for our baby. My mom painted it white to match our dresser. 

After we did a few other small things we kind of just chilled for a little bit and then we're deciding where to go for dinner. We decided to go to Applebee's because we'd seen a commercial for their burgers and they looked really good. So the three of us did just that, we all got burgers and they were delicious. After that my mom and I dropped Ted off to get some work done in the baby's room. He shampooed the carpet, and we went to Walmart for a few things.

When I came home, these two were pretending not to like each other...

Sunday morning, mom and I went to church and Ted move the furniture in the baby's room. We are almost done with his room and I just can't wait. Ted met me at my moms house and we took a long walk with Jake. It was so beautiful outside. Then we headed to the outlets to try to find me a dang pair of shoes.
I have been trying to find shoes for what seems like five years and I may not be too far off on that number. I ended up getting a pair of sketchers go walks 3. 

I'm not sure if I love them yet. But I'll see. 
After shopping we just hung out at my moms and then had dinner once my brother, his wife, and the kids got there. 

I really didn't take too many pictures because I was really busy enjoying the weekend and the warm weather. 

Here's a peek at what the nursery looks like so far....

His name is written on that little blue chalk board so I covered it up :)

34 weeks yesterday! It's almost baby time!! So excited!! 



  1. You can never go wrong with some ice cream! Makes my so hungry just looking at it!!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. Go walks are the bomb.com! I love them and they are great in the summer!