Monday, June 27, 2016

Red, White & Blue

Just a quick little craft post to share for the link up with Andrea & Erika. 
I saw this on Pinterest and just loved it. So my mom and I got all the necessary pieces and got to crafting! 

So what you need is: 
3 red bandanas 
3 white bandanas
3 blue bandanas
A 12" metal wreath ring
Hot glue gun 

Now, it would've been helpful for me to take step by step pictures, but I did not. HOWEVER. It's super easy to put together. You just cut the bandanas in half. Then fold the half over and loop it through itself over the wreath ring. And tighten. You do the same for all colors and alternate the red and white then do a big clump of blue. When you have it all spaced the way you like it and the metal ring isn't showing then hot glue the stars on. I used big silver stars but you can use any kind of stars. I just preferred the larger ones over the small ones. 
I the stuck the wreath right on the door using the frame and a command hook. 
Easy peasy. 

I also FINALLY put together my sunflower wreath as well. 

Since I had the hot glue gun and glue sticks out, I got to work on this one too. 
This one was even easier. Here is what I used...

One grapevine wreath form 
One clump of fake sunflowers 
One letter of your choice
One large bow
Some hot glue. 

Pretty self explanatory - I cut the flowers and leaves off the stem thing. Glued them where I liked them. Glued on the N. Had my mom make me a pretty bow, tied that sucker on with some wire and bam. Pretty wreath! 

It was quick to do both of these and I've gotten lots of compliments on them. Gotta say I really love doing crafty things!

My next project is this:

How cute?!

Happy Monday!



  1. I love that wreath! What a great and easy tutorial, thank you for sharing! I hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. LOVE the red white and blue wreath!

  3. Love that wreath, so cute! I was hoping to have time to do a 4th of July wreath, but time...and I saw those mason jars, so so cute! I think I might need to add that to my list of things to do in the future :)

  4. LOVE THAT Bandana WREATH!! I'm a lil late this year but pinning and so making this next year!!

  5. Go YOU! So cute and super impressive to this non-crafty mama. ;)