Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been moving quickly. 
We've been busy busy. 
We had a wedding this past weekend
We celebrated Mother's Day last month 
Austin was baptized
We had a bi-yearly visit to Penn Med. 
(All is perfect)
We had little mans 2 month check up and shots 
We went to the new Whole Foods twice in one week 
We visited our family friends new ice cream store for their grand opening 
We finally got a bottle of my favorite cold brew coffee! 
I spent $25 on a cup for said coffee :)
We celebrated national donut day
We've been on walks 
We've hung out in grandmas yard
We've been to BBQs 
We celebrated Austins cousins 4th birthday 
We almost bought a new car....
We bought a "surf van" instead 
We cleaned out Tyler's tank
We kayaked up the river to see our favorite band play at a marina 
Here's a few pics from the last few weeks or so of our life lately.... 
My little bathrime cutie...

Selfies with mama...

Mother's Day on the Boardwalk
Thinking about that yummy cone!

God Bless Austin!
Napping in Grandma's yard

Yakkin' up the creek!

Same dress 2 months apart ;)
Yum Yum Yum!!!
This was my photoshop attempt to convince Ted how good we looked driving the Toyota Venza
He got a kick out of it - but it wasn't the right fit for us
 Brothers & Summer at Gramma's
Way too cute...
Driving to Grandma's house!
*My hair hadn't been washed in 3 days here lol
University of Pennsylvania
The best turkey burgers, grilled corn with cotija cheese and a delish beer
My new favorite cup!
These were just ridiculously delicious
Wedding fun with my hubby
The beautiful Mr. & Mrs.
Photobooth with Friends
Little man behind the wheel of Pops car..... I wish he could see him
And here is the new family truckster!
My brother had a van like this, it got wrecked by a drunk driver (luckily while parked and no one got hurt) He got insurance money and bought a white one.
Fast forward to us trying to figure out a way to cart around a blind dog and a new baby safely without getting into another car payment....
2003 Volkswagen Eurovan
We're excited haha 
It's such a silly fun vehicle.
Lot's of memories about to go down in that ride!!
Happy Tuesday

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