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Friday Favorites!



Happy Friday Everyone!
Today is my last Friday off before School starts :(
I really have enjoyed working 4 days a week this summer - It has REALLY come in handy planning for my wedding and getting things done.
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So today is my Friday Favorites for the end of August...
My 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye
My baby (dads is the blue and moms is the green in the garage)
My dad and I built this car back in 2008/2009 ~ Isn't it beautiful! I came up with the idea of "LadyBug" since the car is a Bugeye, and I LOVE Ladybugs! So we made it red, and my grandfather made me magnetic spots to put on for car shows! So awesome :)

He always had a passion for these cars. His dad gave him one for his 17th Birthday and ever since then, they were a huge part of his life and his favorite hobby.
This past weekend, Ted & I worked on a few "bugs" to get it back on the road after a little rest in the garage from our first car show in April.
Fixing the carbs

Checking the seal on the fuel line ;-)
Ever since I was little, I wanted a Bugeye like dads & now I have one which will forever remind me of his passion and how much fun we had working on them and taking them for rides and going to car shows. (I even won 1st at a few shows!) We have had many family vacations around the cars. We've been all over the country actually for car related events to places like Missouri, Wisconsin, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont...
So many fond memories throughout my entire life, even after my dads passing, we continue to go to car events with the friends we've made over the years. It's a little harder now with out him there, but it's a big part of who I am and will always be an important part of my life.
Side Note:
My first car was actually a 1959 Austin A-40
My 1959 Austin A-40 Farina
Dreamy isn't it?? Just what every 17 year old girl wants to roll up to their senior year of high school in huh?? I actually LOVED it and everyone knew who I was.
I also helped my dad build this one as well.
Texas is one of my very favorite places to visit! 
When I was a sophomore in high school my very best friend in the world moved to
San Antonio because her dad had a job transfer.
That's super hard on two 15 year old best friends in the era of no cell phones, no Facebook, no free collect calls. Man. We were devastated!! Luckily our dads had fax machines so we would FAX hand written notes to each other whenever we could. 

My first trip down there was April of  1998!
 I've been going every year sometimes twice a year ever since! I've brought my mom, my friends,  boyfriends at the time, my parents went for her wedding, and Ted has gone with me twice! 
We have the best time down there visiting with her and her family and are luckiy enough to stay with her parents at their amazing house. 
Here are some of my Texas faves... 

The Alamo!

The Riverwalk

Rita's on the River

Dough Pizzaria
Ok Seriously GO HERE if you can! They were featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.

Riverwalk again - my favorite spot!

My fur babies

Lilly is my chubby girl on the right.
Tessa is my little girl on the left.
Both were rescued.
Lilly was left behind (pregnant no less) by a neighbor who moved and left her.
 I saw her sitting by the door of their house after they were gone and it just broke my heart.
She's been mine since 2010 - Her and I have been through a lot together!

Tessa was rescued from PetSmart about 3 months ago.
She was the saddest little girl I've ever seen.
She had been there since the fall of last year - the longest one in the window.
It seemed that no one wanted her - that's where we came in!
She's a nut, but we absolutely love her.

Lilly- ever so lady like!

Tessa playing with her little fishy

Our patient rescue pup Jake ~ He is such a wonderful dog.
Ted rescued him from PetSmart in 2008 - He is such a great boy

They just love having their pictures taken! :)

So there you have it!
My Friday favorites.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


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