Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Recap

My weekend started on Thursday night... I went shopping for shoes, ran around and returned a few things from my shower and got a spray tan!
Having not gotten any color this summer and having to go to two weddings this weekend, there were no questions about this decision! A spray tan was a must. And who doesn't love a safer way to get color without the sun exposure. Luckily I got to this great little family owned place in town that does it by hand, so while it is more expensive, it looks totally natural and definitely NOT like Ross in that episode with the spray tan!
Friday I had some more running around to do before my friends wedding that evening. I managed to clean the entire house, do 3 loads of laundry, find shoes, shower, get ready do my hair and get to the church 45 minutes away ON TIME! It was an exciting moment.
This is a friend of mine and I at the Friday wedding enjoying the cookies
This wedding was so beautiful
Wedding number two was a bit more low key ~ but just as beautiful. It was on the water at a cute place in town. My cousin looked beautiful and her groom was handsome as ever. We all had a blast dancing the night away
This guy is pretty cute
And in typical Sunday fashion, we headed over to Latitudes for some drinks and music by our favorite local band
We didn't stay too long because we were both beat from the long weekend. It's funny how non-stop fun can be so exhausting!
So we headed home and watched "The Lucky One" ~ that Nicholas Sparks gets me every time! And even thought it was the ultimate chick flick, Ted loved it :) bonus!!
Have a fabulous week !
Sunset last night over the river

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