Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mid week road trip to Philly

So yesterday was a good day. Good news is always a good thing!!
Why are waiting rooms so boring?
We headed up to Philly around 1:00 and on the way home, we stopped for some food at this amazing place we went to once before when we had to pick my friend from Texas up at the airport.....
It's called Zinburger and Oh.My.Gosh. it is DELICIOUS!
Ted got the Zinburger (Manchego Cheese, Zinfandel Braised Onions & Chipotle Mayo)
I got a regular burger with cheddar, bacon & BBQ sauce!
We shared  zucchini fries with a side of ranch 
Double Truffle Fries w/ a truffle parmesan aioli
They taste better than they look!
They have his favorite beer on tap, Dogfish 60 minute IPA - so he had a glass of that and I had a regular old coke, even thought it was 1/2 price bottle of wine Wednesday!
After we ate, the waitress asked if we wanted a milk shake...which believe me I did, but I held back for one of these bad boys....
Why not go for the big one after downing a burger and two kinds of fries...
No shame.... at all!
We headed home after that :-)
So on a totally random side note - We need to get a new bed frame and I am in love with
this one from Ashley Furniture!!
Isn't it gorgeous!?
So we will see if we end up getting it or not - these things need to be decided upon soon because in 45 days my king size is moving in! :)
Have a fabulous weekend!
Lilly & Tessa.... thrilled to be having their picture taken!
* Tiffany *

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