Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

I've been a busy bee this week. I'm happy it's the weekend. Ted is off tomorrow and we don't have anything planned except finalize the baby's room. 

Speaking of which... My number one on my favorites is our glider/rocker and ottoman. 
I had a different one picked out originally but had a lot of problems ordering it. The first one I wanted was $599. I had a 15% off furniture coupon and opened a credit card for an additional 15% off. And Babies R Us has free shipping over $19. So I thought it was going to be a great deal. Except the furniture coupon didn't work on the chair. Because apparently the gliders "don't count as furniture" and my 15% off for opening the card didn't work online either (this was an online only item) and finally, I had free shipping, but apparently there is a freight surcharge of $130! 

So it was a horrendous experience. So once Ted got home from work I was basically in tears. So we took a ride to the store and got the one I fell in love with first. And was able to use both coupons and had no surcharge! So all together we spent $510 for a $625 chair/ottoman combo. And it will be here in 5 days which is awesome!! So excited!!! 

So lately I've been really really wanting peach iced tea from Olive Garden. So my bff and I went to lunch there last week. Well, the other day, in the pouring rain mind you, I went to OG and got a peach iced tea to go... 
I was one happy girl! Haha 

I saw this on the Internet and laughed pretty hard. The struggle is real on this one. My hubby is pretty good about picking up after himself but he definitely does this from time to time. Just leaves his clothes in front of the hamper. 

So I'm super excited about this! I ordered this dress from Pink Blush Maternity for my baby shower... I'm so anxious for it to arrive! It is sure to be a new favorite!

Oh by the way, when I picked up the peach tea, I also ordered another with no ice to save for later, soup, salad, bread sticks, Alfredo sipping sauce for the bread and a pice of chocolate mousse cake. Hahaha. #preggo

Have a great weekend!


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