Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life Lately...

......has been so so busy! 7 weeks and 3 days with this little man has gone by SO quickly! 
I've gotten in to a little routine with him and am good with going out with him now. It may take me until noon to actually leave after he eats then I bathe him then I eat then he eats again then I shower. lol 
But it's been amazing. Nothing in the world compares to being a mama. And nothing in the world is sweeter than seeing my amazing husband become an even more amazing daddy....

I'm kind of obsessed with dressing him super ridiculously cute. And my absolute favorite clothes at the moment are Burts Bees Baby... I mean....
It has a matching bib too!

Since we've been home from the hospital, we've gone to Kohl's and Shoprite and a few other public places. Mostly though, we go to my moms. I can't wait till she's done working for the summer so we can hang there all the time. 
Last week, my mom watched him for me so I could get a much needed hair cut and color. It's amazing how a little hi lites and trim make you feel brand new!

And since Jakes SARDS diagnosis, we're talking about a bigger car with a hatch for the poor pup to get in. And honestly. Since I absolutely adore my Camry, a Toyota Venza is really all I'm considering. Well that and a Range Rover of course but let's keep it real. The Venza is almost identical to my Camry, just better. 
I've also gotten back into the swing of cooking dinner. And as much as I enjoyed NOT doing so, I genuinely love cooking for my husband and I.
I made this recipe (later on that) and omg it was amazing. 
And I may or may not be obsessed with Chunkys. So bad. You'd think I was still preggo!!!

We scheduled his christening and I bought this dress to wear. Hopefully it's everything I'm expecting!

On April 14th we celebrated One Montj with this guy, and were already almost at 2 months! It's amazing how quickly time passes!!

I slammed my finger in my car door, it closed, and then I yanked it out. That was fun. It took about 5 days for that to stop burning and throbbing. It's so nasty looking. 

Since this little man made a early entrance (4 weeks) Ted and I didn't have a chance to have our last date before baby like We planned. So my sweet mama watched Austin for us so we could spend some time together. And we both missed little man, but it was nice to just "be" with my husband. We went to the boardwalk, played arcade games, took a walk and ate boardwalk food. 
It was the great :)

So that's it for now. That's been life lately. My goals for the next few weeks are to read my "What to Expect the First Year" book, finish my Thank Yous, send out the birth announcements and try to convince Ted to relist the house alone than later. Oh. We diced the house we had a contract on and are looking to build new again.... We'll see how that progresses....
Also. Get back to blogging! Because I sure miss it!! 

Happy Thursday!


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  1. He's precious! Enjoy ever moment! Before you know it you will blink and he will be turning 2!