Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Time just goes by....

Every day I say to myself, "ok I'm going to blog tonight finally" and evening I say to myself "eh, tomorrow". 
The days just FLY by. I run out of time so quickly. It's just crazy!! 
But I managed to get it done today so I'm here to share with you my favorite 10 baby things that have been amazing these first 10 weeks!! 
In no particular order....

The Boppy Lounger 

My cousin bought me this for my shower. It wasn't on my registry but she said she got one and it was amazing and her little girl loves it. 

Sure enough. It's Austins favorite spot to be for naps! It's also great to bring with us to family's house that isn't kid ready to have a good spot for him. Now, this is gonna be put away once he can move out/off it but for now it's great! 

Burts Bees Baby EVERYTHING

I got one outfit from my moms friend at my shower and oh my goodness it's the softest, cutest thing ever.
I went to Target and got some more too because I just couldn't resist!! 

 They make the best bibs too 

They slip over the head and don't budge. They are super soft and lined with terry cloth. And they wash beautifully!

Muslin Swaddle Blankets 

These are so stretchy and light weight. They keep little man swaddled up so nicely! We have 3 of them and they get lots of use!! 

Car Seat Canopy
These were "free" when I first signed up at Motherhood Maternity. Just had to pay shipping. At first I wasn't going to get one but my two cousins who just had babies did and I saw them in person and loved it!
Don't mind how I look. Lol this was Mother's Day and I was just plain exhausted! And it was COLD! But the cover is perfect!! 

Pottery Barn Kids Diaper Bag
I had a different bag on my registry from Babies R Us and received two of them but this one was on my PBK registry and I just loved it. I didn't get it for my shower but I got it for myself after Austin was born (ya know, since he arrived the night of my shower and all)

It's so roomy and big. I love it!!

Rock N Play

Another item I didn't initially get. My girlfriend recommended this to us and I honestly didn't see the need but oh my how it's been wonderful! I decided to get it the morning before we were going to my aunts for my grandfathers retirement dinner. I said to my mom oh my gosh where am I going to put him other than his car seat which isn't comfortable!! Enter The Rock N Play. It folds up and fits in my trunk to cart around. He loves napping in it too 

Mama Baby App
When we came home from the hospital I was writing every detail on a notepad on a clipboard. Lol my cousin, who is a L&D nurse, told me to lose the clipboard and get an app. So I got this one and have been using it since. I mainly use it to track when and how much he eats
It's perfect. You can set alarms and such. But I use it pretty lightly just as a tracker.

My Rocker\Glider

I knew I wanted one of these since before I was pregnant. I was back and forth on a rocker with an ottoman or a recliner rocker. I'm so happy I got the rocker and ottoman. I spend lots of time rocking this sweet boy in this chair. We read him stories here and soothe him. It's just perfect. 
I hope to do the nursery "reveal" next! Jeez I'm so behind!!

Boon Grass
I love these for drying all things bottle. We use the Dr. Browns glass bottles and they have 4 additional parts and the bottle and cap! So we need lots of drying space. We use the Dr. Browns drying rack too but typically only for the bottles. We use this for the accessories and paci's and what not. 

The little tree thing is perfect for paci's!!

Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer 
Originally I was breast feeding. So all this bottle stuff wasn't even a thought. I didn't register for any of it. I registered for nursing covers and nipple creams and nursing tops etc. I had my pump and all the accessories. But 3 weeks in, it just wasn't working for us. I was pretty upset but at the end of the day - my baby needs to eat. Especially after his horrible jaundice and being back in the hospital for 36 hours. 
Anyway - so this is how I warm my bottles up. Typically I make several and keep them in the fridge for quick grabbing. I use the liquid formula because the powder stuff seems like a lot of work and I personally prefer liquid. So I have a bunch ready to go then grab one or and stick it in the warmer for 3:20 and its perfect!! I was boiling water and placing the bottle in there but it took FOREVER!! This is a since! And... A total lifesaver at 2am!! 

So that's what's working for us these days. He's now 10 weeks and getting bigger every day. We are still just so in awe of this little person in our lives and I feel so blessed to be his mama!! 


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