Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Come on in...Home Organization

Come on in !
Home Organization...
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This post is actually perfect timing... I just "officially" moved in with Ted because I didn't want to "officially" live there until we were married. I moved all of my home-y decorations into his house a while back. I decorated his house for all seasons and holidays already since about 6 months of dating.
From our engagement shoot <3
My bridal shower was in July - and since we will be selling the house and moving closer to my mom in the near future, we decided not to open the majority of our new things and to save them for the new house. Well those items successfully took up half of two rooms. So again, since we will be selling - I wanted to de-clutter the rooms (obviously)
So yesterday, I took all that stuff out to bring to my moms to store in her basement....
This is my living room before mid truck load...
Fun times ~ Let me tell you. Schlepping that stuff out of the room, into the truck, out of the truck, into my moms garage (it started to rain and I needed to quickly unload)
But this will free up some space and thus I will appear to be WAY more organized.
Speaking of shower gifts and kitchen items and what not, our kitchen isn't the most accommodating for large items.

So last night after dropping stuff off to mom, her and I took a ride to Lowes so I could get this lovely piece of furniture to stick in the corner of my den for excess kitchen storage.
Don't mind the mess surrounding the self. I told you I'm re-organizing, so we're keeping it real here folks.
(And by the way, that's not a stain on the carpet, its a shadow from a hanging cat toy)
Hopefully this will contain/control the chaos while we prep the house to sell.
Moving on.......
I absolutely adore my Barrington Bag My husband bought it for me as a wedding present.
I for sure was hinting at it and sending him pictures with texts saying things like
"how cute would this bag be with my new initials on it"
"wouldn't this be the cutest carry on bag for our honeymoon"
He got it for me. Totally surprised me. This is why I adore him.
It's just such a fabulous bag. There are a few pockets and a zipper section inside, but it's mainly a big tote bag which is so right up my alley.
borrowed from google - the inside of mine is a bit crazy right now

Speaking of crazy... If I didn't have this Erin Condren Life Planner - found here 
I'd be LOST!
I used this A LOT throughout the wedding planning process. This was one of many check-lists, but for sure my most "on going" one.
I just love how you have a month to month overview.....
As well as a week to week overview! It's so awesome!!
Such a perfect planner!
So that's it for me - for now. I wish I had more to offer in terms of actual "home" organization, but those things keep me organized thus keeping my home functioning!
Once we move, I'd love to show the house and how I love to decorate and organize.
Right now - we're a bit under construction :)
Happy Tuesday!
.....and remember... when things get crazy....

* Tiffany *

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