Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites ~ MY WEDDING!!!!!

My Friday Favorite is all about my WEDDING
Ok Maybe it doesn't quite fit into this category, but I don't particularly mind because I haven't blogged in a few weeks,
and I wanted to link up and share my Wedding Day with ya'll !
It was the most amazing day of my life!
It is my FAVORITE day so far!
The night before I kissed my groom to be goodnight & told him
I'd see him at 2:00pm the next day
I love this one!
My big brother walking me down the aisle
It was hard in a way to NOT have my dad there, but he was with me in so many ways. I had his picture in a charm hanging from my bouquet. My mom sewed a heart made out of a pair of his jeans in the inside of my dress near my heart. And I just felt his presence there looking down over me and my brother as we walked down the aisle.
My mom sewing the heart in my dress <3
What an amazing day it was from start to finish.
My BFF from Texas & one of my two Matrons of Honor slept over my moms house with my the night before the big day. (She's on the left below) We went to get our hair done starting at 8:30am! The rest of the morning was pretty laid back. My other BFF/Cousin/Matron of Honor came over shortly after that and we hung out and chatted until everyone else arrived.
Manda * Me * Heather

Before I knew it I was getting into my dress, taking pictures & getting into the limo!
Right before getting in the limo
Inside the Hummer Limo
When we arrived at the church I was SO nervous. I was excited & anxious. I was happy!
It was such a rush! Knowing all my friends and family were inside waiting to see me come down the aisle. It was such an awesome feeling.
After all my girls walked down, it was time for my brother and I to go.
The organ started, the double doors opened and there it was.
That short(which seemed long) walk to my future.
The man I love.
My Husband!
Taking a deep breath and trying not to tear up!

The ceremony was absolutely perfect.
Everything I always dreamt of.
In the days/months leading up to the big day, I envisioned what it would be like and it was exactly that. It's almost sad to think it's all over.
BUT ~ it's the beginning of a special journey with my new husband!
Husband & Wife !
After the ceremony we took LOTS of pictures.
Pictures on the beach, at church, at the venue and so many candid shots.
Dad's Car :-)
My Girls
Once we got to our reception venue, we took some more pictures, and greeted some guests who were there early. Then we joined out guests for cocktail hour.
Once cocktail hour was over, we all got ready to be announced.
Right after that, my husband & I had our first dance...
I shared a special dance with my Godfather ~ we two stepped to George Strait!
I also danced to "Somebody's Hero" with my amazing Mama <3

The day flew by - Everyone told me it would.
Boy were they right!
I enjoyed every single minute of it, but wish I could slowly relive it or watch from the sidelines and take it all in as it was happening.
Every part of our Wedding Day was perfect.

We left for our Honeymoon on Monday so we had Sunday to re-group.
Thank goodness we did this!
We double checked our suitcases, added to them, removed stuff.
We straightened up the house for our house/pet sitter (his sis)
We spent time with out of town guests who came in for the Wedding.
We spent time smiling at each other in disbelief that we were finally married!!
Before we knew it, the clock stuck 4:30am Monday morning & we were up and ready to go!
My father in law came to get us and bring us to the airport.
We were both so excited and still on our high from the Wedding Day....
...but my gosh, we were pooped!
We met another newlywed couple in the airport (photo credits)
They got married the same day as us & were going to Aruba as well!
Our flight was good. We both fell asleep (shocking!)
Our Welcome to Aruba!


My In-Laws have a friend that lives in Aruba and works at a big fancy new hotel – so he said he would love to pick us up and bring us to our resort. It was so nice to have that personal little tour to our resort by a friend. We stopped for Coco Shakes on the side of the road (something I wish we had here but so do not)
The resort was amazing. The views from everywhere in it were breath-taking. We were in such awe. We were so happy and excited.
I loved the fact that there were iguana's everywhere! AND - the hotel restaurants gave us lettuce to feed them, so of course I did this just about every day...
This one with the missing foot was my favorite
 We loved the pool! It was so big and so much fun. We met a lot of fun couples too!!
The Pool Bar
Everywhere you looked it was just purely beautiful. The pool, the beaches, just everything.
Sunset view from our balcony
We had a blast. We had dinner on the beach one night which was so amazing.
Dinner on the beach <3
We took walks, went snorkeling, gambled in the casinos, went on a catamaran, did stand up paddle boards, explored the towns and just had an absolute blast.
We swam every single day - the water was so warm!

View of our resort from the pier
Most importantly we got to spend an amazing vacation as husband and wife and enjoy every second together. I am so lucky to have this man as my husband and I am so excited for our future.

My Husband
What an amazing honeymoon! I can't wait to go back there!

Happy Friday Ladies


  1. Congratulations!!! Beautiful!! And how sweet that your mom sewed that heart into your dress!! Great pictures of the day and honeymoon! Much happiness as you begin your new life as husband and wife!