Friday, August 7, 2015

My Favorite ~ A Giveaway!

Friday Favorites!!

Linking up with Andrea & Erika for faves...

For today's Friday favorites, and in honor of the first Friday in August, and because I'm a giver AND because I just love a giveaway... 
I'm giving away some of absolute my favorites!! 

Now. Since I'm from New Jersey and my blog name features Jersey...and it's the summer, I figured a Jersey/beachy/summery themed giveaway was only fair...

Now I'd love to give you all some pork roll and jersey tomatoes because ya'll are SERIOUSLY missing out, but that would spoil in the mailing process.
So I have to pick something else (ha) 

1. Starbucks Giftcard

I mentioned several times lately how much I love the Mango Black Iced Tea. It's my go to summer drink. It's my favorite thing to grab before heading to the beach. 
Go get one and report back to me! 


2. Surf Wax Air Freshner 
To me, the best smell on the beach is sunscreen and surf wax. My hubby is a big surfer and I love how he smells like wax after surfing. So when I saw these surf wax car air fresheners at our local surf shop, I needed to buy them in bulk. It reeks (literally) of summer!!


3. A Piece of Starfish or Anchor Jewelry
Because it's just so super cute and duh, straight out of the beach... 
 It's the perfect type of summertime accessory.
 I have a necklace, earrings and an anklets of my own in both!
I haven't decided which one I'm going to pick to give away to one of you!

4. Salt Water Taffy

Because hello! If that doesn't scream Jersey Shore, I don't know what does.
I only like a little bit of it here and there, but it's so good.
And if you haven't ever had it, you need to!

5. A Fabulous Toe Ring
Because naked toes in the sand isn't nearly as fun as a properly accessorized one!


To Enter - Head to the Rafflecopter below!
Good Luck!!




  1. My summertime favorites are the extra long nights, pool days, shorts & flip flops and baby rompers (RANDOM)....I love seeing my baby girls sweet chunky little legs hanging out of those little rompers theoughout the summer! ☺️

    Erica Gammon

  2. My favorite summer time activity is taking the kids to our Sonic drive in for half price shakes. I don't know if you have those where you are:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. My summertime favorites are spending all the extra time with my kiddos!!

  4. What a fun giveaway! My summer favorites are trips to Rhode Island spending time on the beach, lots of ice cream, relaxing days with very little scheduled kids' activities and flip flops.

  5. Love your blog!!! Summer favorites- My Starbucks Ice coffees, the beach, the pool, and of course- time off!

  6. Gulf Coast beaches, fresh lemonade, flip flops & sundresses :)

  7. Jersey Shore, ice cream, iced coffee. !

  8. Love your blog and the Jersey shore! And salt water taffy!