Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Lately I've been really recognizing people in my environment and how they interact
(or don't) with one another.
And I've taken a serious step back to re-assess my own life.
Too often I find myself looking at my phone and not up.
I realized I was wasting so much time looking at the news feed on Facebook, that I didn't even realize that I was missing actual face to face interaction with the people in my life.
So I deleted my Facebook account.
3 weeks ago.
And I couldn't be happier.
If you want to see me come over or call me.
Sure, I miss seeing pictures, but in reality, if you are someone important in my life chances are I've seen you in real life and not just the picture on a website.
While I can say that Facebook is both wonderful and evil, I personally have grown out of the need to have it.
Why do I care what some guy I graduated high school with and haven't seen or talked to since then for that matter, is doing?
Why is it my business that a girl who lived on the street where I grew up is at the gym then going to lunch with her girlfriends?
I mean, it's just NOT information that matters in or affects my life.
I still have Instagram, but that's just pictures.
I only follow a few people so it only take a minute or two to check that out.
I just found myself being consumed by social media and got sick.

I've also noticed people in public.......
In the waiting room at the doctor, no one is aware, EVERYONE is looking at their phone.
While driving, and this ticks me off SO bad
While stopped at a light.
While waiting in line at Starbucks.
While waiting in line at the grocery store.
While waiting in line ANYWHERE for that matter.
In a restaurant - I've seen couples completely ignoring each other because they are on their phones and that's just plain sad.
Ted & I have rules about this kind of crap.
I've seen entire families on their phones at the table in a restaurant, I mean, why is this ok?
When I was a kid and my brother and I were out to dinner with my parents, we either colored on our place mats or played tic-tac-toe with our parents.
We talked. We interacted with each other.
It's depressing really when you think about it.

And at what age is it appropriate for a kid to have a cell phone?
My thoughts now: 16
I see these 7 year olds with phones and I want to puke.
Color! Read! Do anything else!!
Devices, iPads, iPods, phones,'s taking over!
Since when did we become a society that needs to CONSTANTLY be engaged ?
 And when did we constantly need to be in the "know"?
Before cell phones and social media life was so simple.
We didn't care where people were or what they were doing.
We didn't spy on people.
There was less bullying
Less jealousy
Less craziness.
Less divorce
I dunno.......I feel pretty strongly about this topic.
I'm old school though.
Throw me in the middle of no where with nothing and I'm good.
I wish I grew up in the 50's
I always said I was born in the wrong decade.
Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for the advancements in technology for certain purposes.
But when it comes to abusing it, I'm over it.
Hopefully we can level out and find middle ground
Am I alone on this???
Let me know your thoughts.....
On that note..... TGTIF!


  1. I coudln't agree more with this post! It is crazy how glued to our phones we are as a whole! Google the video "Look Up" on youtube its eye opening for sure.

  2. Bravo! I've got a husband that is so facebook addicted it's not even funny. Talk about disengaged!
    Think I'll show him this post!