Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend started once again Thursday at 12:00! 
We had a last minute house showing so I left work early. Unfortunately the showing was a bust. They didn't want the house. 
It's getting a little frustrating since I take so much pride in our home and it's just not appealing to anyone. Fingers crossed someone comes along and loves it. 
After that...I made some sausage and peppers with corn on the cob and perogies for dinner. It was delish!! 
Friday I was up early to meet with our mortgage rep and got lots of good information. Then headed to moms for an early bike ride then left for the chiropractor. I got back home around noon and had some lunch, tidied up and packed a bag, grabbed Ted's surfboard and Jake and headed back to moms. 
Clearly we can't wait to live there. It's just where we want to be. Jake and I hung out in the yard reading and enjoying the summer air (and moms iced tea & pretzel rods) 
Ted came there from work and headed off to surf. When he got back we had some dinner then he and I headed to the beach for a walk. Nothing beats an after dinner walk on the beach...
We went back to moms scooped up Jake and headed home. 
On Saturday Ted was off to work and I once again packed up and headed to moms to hang out until he came back from work... He went surfing again and I got to spend time with my nephews... 
I got to bring 2 surfboards there in my car.... Fun times! Oh. And the dog!

This nut was sitting like a total weirdo!!  
A little smash burger for dinner and back to moms for a bike ride. 
We headed home and crashed early! 
Sunday was pretty low key. I went to church. Ted & his dad hit up some local farm markets and when he got home we took a walk along the bay after getting some lunch. 

Our Sunday ended as it always does....
Katfish Lucy and the sunset ❤️
And a coco loco bucket 

Happy Monday! 

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