Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mid-Month Confessions

February 2016
Mid-Month Confessions 

So just to recap from some classics....

I still give my cats milk on the floor at night. 

I no longer hide laundry because....gasp...I keep up on the laundry these days since being home now. 


So here are some new ones...

Since I've stopped working, I have stopped washing my hair as much. I tend to wash it every other day. I shower everyday, but don't wash my hair. Last week... I went 4 days without washing my hair. Not gonna lie, I can't pull that off. It felt glorious to wash it after that long. The girly girl in me longs to be one of those women who can go a week without a wash and have fabulous hair. But that's just not the case. 
We went to a hockey game last weekend and I was "kinda hungry" so I got french fries and a pretzel before going to our seats. Then I wanted ice cream, so I got ice cream...with lots of sprinkles. Lol 
Ted snapped this pic of me 
 Me and the babe standing up to stretch. Those seats aren't that comfy when you're not preggo.
It was a long couple of hours! Haha
We saw Sebastian Maniscalco live in Atlantic City for Valentines Day. 
It was fun except I was loudly calling people out on smoking. Casinos are awful. Everyone knows it's basically a big smoke cloud. So I obnoxiously walked around with my scarf over my mouth and when someone would look at me I'd say "not everyone wants lung cancer dirtbag" not a proud moment but surely how I felt. Mind you my mouth was in my scarf so no one actually heard me. 
He's hilarious. Look him up when you have a second. 
This is as far as we are on the baby room. Not good. Lol hubby is painting it today though. At 32 weeks pregnant, I wish we were done with this. But it is what it is. 
It's going to be cute. I'm excited! Gray and white and elephants. Yay 
I feed the squirrels in my yard daily. I throw peanuts into those buckets so the blue jays can't get them. I proceed to talk to them through the glass too. Might be crazy lol oh well. 

That's all for now. I am super busy getting ready for baby!!! Have a great Monday!!


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