Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was great!
Friday night Ted and I decided to grab a bite out and go to bed early. Exciting right?
On Saturday he had to work overtime, so I spent the whole day shopping with my mom.
Pretty much one of my favorite things to do ever.
We took a ride to the Pottery Barn Kids store and just oogled over every single thing!
I thought I had decided on how I want to decorate our nursery and for good reason.
Here, let me explain...
About 3 years ago I came across a chair at HomeGoods...
This one to be exact (but printed arms, not solid)
So I saw this and wanted to buy it.
I called my mom and asked her what she thought and we both kind of agreed that it was a little too soon since I was like JUST engaged. The print on this chair is special to me for a few reasons...First of all, there is an Austin Healey on it.
Austin Healey's are the cars my dad was passionate about.
It's the red little car I drive.
My mom has one, my brother, all our family friends...
So that car jumped out at me.
Next, the surf board on the wagon.
My hubby is a big surfer....
And last - the VW beetle...
We're a VW family lol - well not me anymore, but I did drive 3 over the last 16 years.
SO -  This was the pattern/color scheme I was going with.
It's Glenna Jean Uptown Traffic.


As I started to pick up things here and there and look for things, I wasn't finding a whole heck of a lot. But I didn't let that stop me.
Until Saturday.
Pottery Barn Kids is way too persuasive!
So now we are going with this theme....because....OMG....

So what was supposed to just be a walk through PBK - turned in to me registering for all the nursery bedding and all thing baby elephant.

Then we hit up TJMaxx and found so many cute elephant things!
I love the gray and white and I'm thinking of doing a pop of navy or aqua

I think I'm liking the lighter pop of color.
What are your thought!?

Also - we stopped at Babies R Us to check out the Gliders.
I wanted to show my mom the one I liked.
And when I saw it in the store I went in Saturday, the cushion was all smooshy and cruddy looking. So I was disappointed. It didn't look like it held up well.

Then I saw this one, and I loved it

It's also a recliner - and it's super comfy
And I actually think I like it more than the one I thought I liked,
which was this one....
What you ya'll think?
Those of you with little ones chime in here...
This is all new to me!

So that was Saturday....
When I got home, I spent like 3 hours on Pinterest and googling all things gray, white, and elephant for the nursery....I just love it!

On Sunday... I got up early and went to 8:00 mass with my mama
Then Ted & I were on the hunt for a dresser for the baby's room but had no luck. Any suggestions are welcomed! 
We had dinner at my moms with the family and headed home for an early night and watched a little Grease live. But forgive me for being judgmental or what ever it may be, but nothing compares to the original! 


  1. LOVE the nursery stuff. That glider is beautiful.... prefer the first

  2. PBK is the best store ever! I seriously LOVE that place! When we get the catalog my husband just shudders because he knows I will find something that #babybigtruck NEEDS. Just recently I found an amazingly gorgeous bunk bed like bed that doubled as a play house as well and of course I told him she NEEDED it never mind the fact that is was $1,700 needless to say we did not get it but man I love that place!

    Love the nursery direction you are going. I love gray and pops of color! We did gray with all different shades of pinks!

    1. I could literally buy EVERYTHING in PBK! And regular Pottery Barn for that matter!!