Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show & Tell - Winning my heart

There are several ways to my heart. 
Small things like... Kisses from my nephews, a phone call from my mom, seeing a cardinal visiting and knowing its my dad, but since I'm somewhat newly married still,
this is gonna be all about my hubby. 
There are so many small ways that he steals my heart without even recognizing it. He's so sweet and so thoughtful. I'm reminded all the time how lucky I am and that I married the most amazing man. 

Cleaning up after dinner and telling me to go sit down with my feet up. 
Kissing my forehead when I'm just sitting next to him. 
Spending the day shopping with me when it's probably not his favorite thing to do. 
Listening to me go on and on about all my random thoughts and ideas. 
Yapping about places I want to go and vacations I've planned but we aren't actually planning on going on. 
He genuinely enjoys every meal I make him and tells me how amazing it is and how he loves everything I make. 
We just have SO much fun together all the time
He will do cute things like do a load of towels, fold them and put them away... but of course, like a man, in one trip :)
He has a special connection with my nephews and they adore him and it melts my heart
He is going to be an amazing daddy.... I can just tell already
He just literally wins my heart every single day in every way

He gets my sense of humor and wasn't opposed to using this as our 2015 Christmas card, but we didn't end up using it after all.....but he was totally on board.
He wins my heart just by being him

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