Tuesday, November 10, 2015

First Week in November

Last week I was off the entire week from work because of election day and teachers convention and let me just say this....it was FABULOUS!
I genuinely LOVE being home. I love waking up naturally, which without an alarm is usually around 7am. And then heading to the kitchen to feed my animals and make a cup of tea and some cinnamon raisin toast and enjoying my breakfast while watching a show on TV.
So here is an official re-cap of what all I did since Friday October 30th!
Friday was Trick-or-Treat in my moms neighborhood.
It has always been the day before Halloween because ON Halloween we have our town Halloween parade which is one of the biggest around and EVERYONE goes.
She made the best cookies...

So I hung out at my moms Friday pretty much after work until around 9pm.
Ted was surfing in the early afternoon then met me over there.
We saw all the kiddies and handed out candy with my mom.
I was reminded of the last time I really " dressed up " for Halloween....

It was a fun night - but didn't end well :) haha
Saturday Ted had to work so pretty much hung around the house and watched Home Alone haha and then headed out to shop a little bit with my mom.
We went to Home Goods & Kohl's and grabbed some lunch.
Then she dropped me off and we got ready for the parade.
It never disappoints.

My mom and I with my nephews :)
The band I was in in High School was amazing as usual.
On Sunday, we headed to Home Depot to scope out new kitchen stuff.
We decided to update the kitchen of our house since no one wants the damn thing.
It's seriously the most defeating feeling in the world to have your house on the market for almost a year and no offers! It's so frustrating.
On Monday, Ted had jury duty so that was a huge bummer...
I had an eye doctore appointment and had to drop my Camry off for some maintenance at 11:00 so my mom picked me up and we went shopping!
We went to the best little Christmas store that we go to each year.
Then went to HomeGoods up north from where we live and grabbed lunch.
She dropped me off to get my car then I headed home to my hubby.
On Tuesday, Ted went to work and I was up and ready to go at 6am.
I got a few things done and Ted had texted me that he forgot his gym bag and his lunch.
So being the good wife that I am, I packed his bag for him and lunch and stopped to get him coffee and dropped it off at his work.
He was super happy :)
On my way home I stopped for my first red cup of the season, and I have to say,
I didn't love what I got.

I'm officially NO longer a fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
I am however, a fan of the Gingerbread Latte.
He went to watch a hockey game at a friends house so me and my mom went to Houlihan's for dinner and wandered around the Christmas Tree Shop.
On Wednesday, we had some more important things to tend to.
We had to go to Ted's doctor in Philly for a check up.
Happy to report that all is well!

I'm just not a fan of Philly. I am a fan of good news though...
So after his check up we headed to dinner at a Gastropub he's been dying to take me to.
It was delicious!
I had some kind of steak with a rosemary demiglace and grilled asparagus with garlic parmesan truffle fries....omg... it was amazing!

Ted had ribs with amazing home-made creole BBQ sauce! Sooo good!!!!
Thursday is a blur....
I know I hung out with my mom a bit while Ted went to meet an old friend for lunch.
She and I did some more Christmas shopping.
Then Ted and I went food shopping
Pretty un-eventful... but good.
Anyway - Friday we had a Devils Game party and gender reveal party combo for our good friends.
Ted's best friend's wife is pregnant and due the same month as me!
SO fun!
 So for that, I made these amazing cheese filled bacon wrapped jalapenos.
They were seriously amazing.
I'll post the recipe later this week.

The party was so much fun!
The Devils won!
Saturday morning Ted went hunting with his dad and I cleaned the house for a showing.
Then we headed to a 1st birthday party for our friends son.
After that we went home and crashed watching TV.
It was super boring!
While Ted was hunting, I may have hinted at a Christmas present...

On Sunday - we had an engagement party brunch for my cousin
Then we went home.
I made a pot of gravy and meatballs.... and got sauce EVERYWHERE!
I dropped a big can of tomatoes....omg I was almost in tears from the mess.
This is only a portion of where it splattered.

We had angel hair and meatballs with yummy garlic bread.
Then we watched the Devils kick butt and headed to bed early.
It was so much fun NOT working! Haha
So that was the first few days in December for us...
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving & Christmas.
And I need to get moving on my shopping!
If you have a minute, say a prayer that our house sells.
I know it's trivial compared to other issues we all have, but for us, this is a big one.
Happy Tuesday!

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