Monday, November 9, 2015

Williams Sonoma & Pottery Barn

Now that Halloween is over and it's November, I'm officially looking forward to Christmas!
I wish I could take all of Pottery Barn 

 all of Williams Sonoma 
and have it ALL in my house.

I mean, I love !!!!!!
Gaaaah, the money I'd spend if I had free reign! Woo
I love this time of year especially at these stores...
Here are some of the things I have and some of the things I want...
Pottery Barn
So I really love the stockings from Pottery Barn.
2 years ago, I bought them for Ted and I
Once were engaged.  :)
Then last year I got 2 more small ones..
One for "The Cats" and one for "Jake"
I couldn't love them more!
I have the maroon ones with the white cuff.
My mom has the maroon ones with green cuffs for all of us.
They are the best stockings ever!!
And this past week I finally found something to hang them on that's SUPER cute!
I don't have a pic of it and I put it away already, but its a piece of rustic looking wood painted white with the saying
"The Stockings Were Hung..."
and it has 4 hooks!

Aside from ALL the Christmas things especially their pillows,

I want ALL the baby stuff!!!
I mean.............

And I know I'm going to be buying one of these chairs!

Williams Sonoma
Each year my mom and I go shopping a few days in November and December.
Williams Sonoma is always a stop.
We usually pick up Peppermint Bark
This stuff is seroisly the most amazing peppermint bark ever.
It's pricey, for sure, but SO worth it!
I also have this black apron which I love!!
I want to get one in red to match my kitchen and have it personalized.
 Maybe I'll do that and order my favorite soap....  
This smells amazing.... the scent is "Winter Forest" and it smells just like Christmas!
I always get it for November/December/January
But sometimes I get this version, which is cheaper and comes with a spray and soap instead of lotion.

Not to mention EVERYTHING else this store offers.... from pots/pans to cookbooks and sauce starters and cake/muffin mixes to cookie cutters and kitchen gadgets. This place is the best. I love going and wandering around.
So that is my PSA for two of my favorite stores...
In no way am I getting any compensation, I just love them and wanted to share my thoughts!
Have a great week!!

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  1. Love when those catalogs come too! I just drool over everything. We can dream tho.......