Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites & A Giveaway !!

Friday Favorites!

Linking up with Erika, Narci & Andrea to share my faves....
A whole lot of random !
First of all, I mentioned the other day that I was no longer a fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
I know, I know, blasphemy!
But luckily Starbucks has Gingerbread already, so I've been thoroughly enjoying a
Grande Iced Gingerbread Decaf Latte
*decaf of course for the little babe growing in my belly ;)*
 The Iced Gingerbread Latte

 So as I said above, I love this drink!
I get it with caramel on top instead of the molasses drizzle because the molasses smells like spaghetti-o's (lol)
Plus, the caramel just gives it a good flavor kick!
Mmm I might have to go get one right now!
What is your favorite Fall/Christmas Starbucks drink?
I need  suggestions, I need to branch out... haha

 The Container Store

How have I not been shopping here my entire life?!
I've randomly seen them in traveling, but never really knew that it was THIS. I thought it was a storage store. The closest one to me is about an hour and a half away, so that explains why I've never physically been to one, but ONLINE?!?!
Omg... I'm in heaven! I'm such an organizer and love containers for everything.
I have been looking for a better way to store my baking ingredients, similar to how all the pro chefs on the food network have theirs. In large containers easy to stick a cup measure in there to get what you need. So I was reading Shay's blog the other morning and remembered seeing the kind of jars I was looking for in her pantry. So I shot her an e-mail and she wrote back and told me about The Container Store...
This is Shay's Pantry & the containers I'm talking about... Her pantry is dreamy!

These are the containers she has from there.
So naturally I ordered 8 of them because I need them in all sizes!
I need to spend some time on that website and make some serious purchases!
Oh my goodness that place is fantastic!!


For my Wedding Shower, my bridesmaids all got me the Christmas dishes I wanted. It was really cute, they even wrapped it in Christmas paper. I got so many pieces and I just absolutely love it. I know Spode Christmas stuff has been around for a while, but it's timeless and you can find so many fun random pieces at places like The Christmas Tree Shop or HomeGoods. So for me, it's perfect. And growing up, I had a "Cookies for Santa" plate that was Spode which was my inspiration to start my own collection...

Since my shower was July 2014, and we haven't had the opportunity to host Christmas yet because we don't have enough room to do so in our current house, all these wonderful pieces are sitting boxed up in my moms basement :(
In all of the shopping that my mom and I did last week, I came across so many fun pieces that I really had to hold back from buying because I can't justify it knowing I won't be hosting Christmas yet again this year, unfortunately.
How stinkin' cute is this?! #needit
And this serving dish! LOVE it !



 Pregnancy Cravings
I know it's an odd "favorite" but it's pretty entertaining...
Especially when I crave things that aren't readily available....

For Example:

Hawaiin Shaved Iced
Not something you can get easily
We stumbled across an ice truck at car show late September, so I got my ice!

Hot Sam's 10 pretzel stixs with nacho cheese sauce 

 Hot Sam's chain went out of business in 2003

So in the mean time, I'm trying to figure out how to get the nacho cheese and so far it seems its only available in a can hahaah yum!!
Pickles from The Ritz which is no longer in business
Oh man, I could eat ALL the pickles....
Mexican Food - but from Texas
Particularly from Alamo Café

The fresh, made right there...mmmmm

The Queso...omg...a bowl of heaven

The Flautas with avocado cream!
I could eat it all!

Starbucks Giveaway!!
So because it's fall, and because it's red cup season, and because it's Friday
and especially because I love giving things away.....

I'm giving away 2 $10 Starbucks Gift Cards
to ONE lucky winner!!
One for YOU and one for a FRIEND!

To enter simply use the Rafflecopter below!
Good Luck!



  1. I love starbucks.. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Those dishes are gorgeous! OK Starbucks drinks...Peppermint Mocha frapuccino and Caramel Praline Latte! Soo good! And hooray for a Starbucks giveaway!

  3. My Mom has those exact dishes! Mine are similar, but were my grandmother's so they are a little older! Excited to get them out! ;-) Yay for Starbucks giveaway! Have a great weekend!


  4. I could eat Mexican food everyday:)

  5. I am so craving a Starbucks right but had my wisdom teeth extracted. I'll have to try the iced gingerbread latte when I recover!

  6. You aren't alone. I don't like Pumpkin Spice Lattes either.

  7. White Chocolate Mocha (HOT) is my go to drink.....definitely trying the Gingerbread latte out soon! Minus the spaghetti o's sauce 😁

    Erica Gammon (Hedman)

  8. I love your Christmas dishes! So cute. Thanks for the giveaway! Who doesn't love Starbucks?!

  9. LOVE the container store...Wish my pantry could look like Shay's also!