Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday - Day in the Life

Linking up to share a day in the life!

On the weekdays, my schedule is pretty straight forward and usually the same. 
I wake up at 5:00ish and make Teds lunch. Sometimes I lay back down until 5:40 but most days I don't. 
After that, I kiss him goodbye and he heads out for work. That's around 5:25. Then I feed the cats and the dog
 I usually tidy up and thing that may be laying in the kitchen/living room, but I tend to do that before bed so I move on to the shower. 
I usually listen to the Bob Marley Pandora station while I'm showering. 
After my shower I get dressed and ready for work. I throw my lunch together in my lunch bag and give my pup a cookie and head out. This is around 6:35. Then I stop at either Quick Chek or Dunkin Donuts for tea or hot chocolate. 
Then get my butt to work. 
Work is pretty standard. I'm there from 7-3 and eat breakfast at my desk around 8:30.
Then take my hour lunch break anywhere between 11:30 and 1:30. 
My new office location is pretty nice. this shot was in the midst of our move so it looks a bit messy. 
I leave work at 2:55 and head home. Once I get home I let Jakey out and get dinner prepped. Then I throw in a load of laundry. 
Ted gets home at about 4:00. We chat for a bit. If it's warm out, we hang out in the patio and play with Jake. Sometimes we take a walk or run a few errands. 
We head back and I get dinner going then we eat. We both clean up and usually watch a show or two on tv.
At this time I'll blog or go on Pinterest. 
Once were both sleepy we get ready to go to bed which entails: scooping the liter box, letting the dog out, locking to doors, getting a glass of water, brushing teeth/washing faces and snuggling in bed while we watch full house. 
This all typically starts to happen around 9:00. 

It's not that exciting but it's our little life these days. I'm sure things will change come April :) 

Happy Tuesday 
Thankful to have this week off!! 
And thankful that I only have 66 days until my last day! 
Being a working girl is ok - but I'm soooo looking forward to being a mom and staying home! And I'm SO luck to have such an amazing husband who is on board with me leaving work in January! 


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  1. That looks exciting to me!! I hope you'll do another day in the life in April or May! Will be fun to compare the two :-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)