Monday, December 14, 2015

Bump-date !

I haven't done anything like this yet so here we go.... 

How Far Along: 23 weeks today!

Total weight gain: 9 or 10 pounds

Maternity clothes: Everything I wear! Except the occasional big hoodie or sweats.

Stretch Marks: No! I use cocoa butter but  really haven't gained weight rapidly so thankfully there are none of those!!

Belly button in or out: In but I think it's going to be out soon
Exercise: Not really. I've been walking a lot shopping if that counts! Haha I've been working all day then going home and doing the wife thing, so I haven't had much time to walk the neighborhood like I did in the beginning.

Best moment this week: My hubby being able to feel the baby moving on the outside. Seeing tears in his eyes when he felt our baby moving was priceless.

Miss Anything: Subs! I want an Italian sub SO bad... But all that lunch meat isn't good. I also miss pork roll!! Ugh, I ate pork roll like almost once a week... If you know pork roll, you know why!

Movement: Alllllllllll day he's moving around. I love it. And like I said, having my husband be able to feel the baby is so awesome.

Food cravings/aversions: My cravings are so weird!! I crave things from my childhood... like those nasty color drinks in the plastic container with the foil top...what the heck are they called...

I also have been craving the most random things at random times.

For example, last night while laying in bed I craved a sandwich from a place that closed last year. I also crave Hot Sam pretzels with Nacho Cheese - Hot Sam chain closed down about 10 years ago! And I also want burgers and all things meat.

Symptoms: Fortunately, I haven't had awful symptoms. I've gotten woken up in the middle of the night with a charley horse in my calf about 3 times now. My feet hurt if I'm on them a lot during the day. My lower back hurts here and there. And just general pregnancy stretching and pulling with is all new stuff to this first time mama.

Anything making you queasy or sick: CHICKEN!! Oh my goodness, I can't eat plain grilled chicken. Or a roasted chicken. I can eat all the wings and fried chicken you could imagine if I was allowed, but I can't do most chicken. Also I'm not a fan of the smell of coffee. And I like coffee :(

Labor Signs: No - thankfully

Wedding rings on or off? On =) 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy for the most part. If I had a crappy day I tend to let things get to me and I get moody. But I'm happy. And excited!

Looking forward to: My last day of work! I seriously can't wait to stop working. And I'm stopping early for several reasons.... but regardless of the reasons, I can't wait! I just want to be home and focus on the baby's room and nesting and just relaxing before he comes!


I'm definitely one of those women who LOVE pregnancy. I've been fortunate so far to have no issues and nothing but a pleasant experience...well...with raging heartburn!! Lol but otherwise it's been great!! 

Happy Monday... Last full week before Christmas. We can do it!! 


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