Friday, December 11, 2015

Life Lately & Favorites

Life Lately
It's been so busy - some in a good way, some not so much.
Our house listing expired, so it's officially off the market...
Well that is until January 4th
We decided to renovate the kitchen and spruce up the bathroom a bit.
Obviously not the road we wanted to go down because who wants to put money into a house they are selling, but it's what we have to do to get a bite.
All the new items will be delivered next Friday.
The Friday before Christmas - good times.
And this is because Ted has to travel to California for work next week
(insert me ugly crying here)

So between being a paranoid maniac when it comes to flying,
and being 5 1/2 months pregnant,
and just generally NOT wanting my hubby away for 4 days a week before Christmas...
I'm less than thrilled that he's going on such short notice.
BUT ALAS - I must put on my big girl panties and deal with it.
I have plans already set up with my mom those 4 days to stay occupied.
We're going to pack up my kitchen so it's ready for the reno when Ted gets back.
That should be a real hoot!
Packing it up, then unpacking then packing it again when we move.
I keep telling my self its all going to be SO worth it when we move into our new beautiful home with its country/beachy theme....
I mean....
Our new house looks like it's all Pottery Barn... I mean, I know those are HER decorations and everything but since we know the owner well she is kind of downsizing, she will be leaving lots of her stuff behind for us when she moves - lucky us!
I hope she leaves those Pottery Barn stools!! #wishfulthinking.
I wish I could go there and photograph every square inch....
Ok Moving On!!!!!!
Between all my doctor appointments every two weeks...
Christmas gatherings...
Christmas shopping....
Hair appointment...
Dinners with friends....
yada yada yada
I feel like yesterday was Thanksgiving & tomorrow is Christmas!
I'll be so excited next year when I'm home for this entire season with a little one...
I can just relax and enjoy being a mom and soak it all up!!
On Sunday we cut down out Christmas tree...
My handsome hubby dragging out our tree and my moms
 *One of my favorite pictures :)
This is the sign that I made for the front of my office....
Had to keep it "correct" and write "holiday" instead of Christmas.
Hearing the kids talk about my fun marker boards is my favorite 
 If there is a Gertrude Hawk candy store near you, I suggest you go get this immediately!!!
This is by far my new favorite cookie!
Dark chocolate covered raspberry cookie! YES PLEASE!!!!
It's like their dark chocolate raspberry schmidgen with a thin chocolate cookie inside.
It's amazing.
This is one of my favorite Christmas pillows...
I love this saying.... And not just on Christmas, all the time
I chopped 4" off my hair and had a few highlights put in to feel better about my humongous roots.
I was nervous to do this because of the baby, but I was reassured that foils don't touch the scalp.
I'm still paranoid about it, not gonna lie.
The only pic I have that shows my hair.... me and my munchkins haha

I decided that I NEED this diaper bag.
I mentioned it here when I declared my love for Barrington...
I need this bag and every accessory that matches!
**hint hint**
 I mean......cutest diaper bag ever!
 Definitely my new favorite Barrington Tote!!!
I saw this on Pinterest... and I NEED to make it!
I'm not a huge fan of hunting. Like at all.
In fact, I hate it.
HOWEVER - deer naturally shed their antlers...
And my father-in-law works for a company located on a huge huge amount of land where there are lots of deer. So he often sees these shed antlers and grabs them.
He has quite a few so I asked for a couple to make these for some people.
Hopefully it comes out good!
Details when I do it!

I made Cajun Chicken Alfredo a few nights ago...
(Pasta is definitely my favorite during this pregnancy)
yeah.. had a TON left over and was planning on having it the next night...
I put it in a glass container to cool before putting the lid on and putting it in the fridge...
Yup - left it on the counter all night and the whole day while I was at work the next day.
I was so upset.
 This is a picture I took in Seaside Park after the Boardwalk fire which was after Sandy...
This is a place called The Sawmill. It's a bar/restaurant with huge slices of pizza.
In the picture you can see all the siding melted...
They have since patched everything up and are better than ever !
This pic came up in my time hop - so I wanted to share
Meal Prep! Haha
Sort of.
Each day I made Teds lunch/breakfast
Last week I made him breakfast burritos.
I made chorizo/cheese/egg/jalapeno burritos.
They were a HUGE hit.
Like HUGE. The guys he works with all want me to make them for them.
Hahah...Definitely Ted's favorite
I forget why I wrapped that one in foil...
I also made bacon wrapped meatloaf...
I mean YUM.
I've shared this recipe before here ...
And this is something I think every preggo lady should have!!
Haha looks so silly but would get the job done!

So I've talked about homemade pizza before too..
Its one of my favorite things
Listen, if you're not getting your dough from a local pizzeria, you're doing it wrong!
It's so much easier and it's so good!!
When I made pizza I sauté grape tomatoes and garlic in a pan for the "sauce"
I use a block of mozzarella a instead of fresh because fresh is too watery on pizza
and I usually cook up some sausage and garlic too and put it all on there...
SO GOOD!!!!!! 
Also in my time hop was this picture from the summer a few years back...
 That was a margarita with a beer in it haha yummy!
This is a Mexican place with a big balcony over looking the boardwalk.
I remember we had nachos and quesadillas and it was SO hot.

So that is it for some Faves... and Life Lately!
I hope you all have the best weekend!!


  1. Him carrying two trees was hilarious! Also, I'm sure renovating the kitchen/bathroom will be worth it since that is what really sales houses

  2. I may or may not have cried before when leaving out my favorite leftovers to cool and completely forgetting about them. Hope you have a great weekend!