Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Q & A

Today I'm doing a little Q&A on all things Christmas!

A holiday tradition: Church on Christmas Eve followed by dinner with my dad's side of the family at my moms is by far one of my favorites. I also love decorating for Christmas on black Friday so I can enjoy the Christmas décor for as long as possible.

What you'd love to see Santa bring you most this year: I really love this MK watch and I've mentioned it several times to my Santa...
I also want some kitchen stuff and of course a new house, which we already have, so I guess I want Santa to work his magic and have someone buy our house! :) Another thing I want but is kind of not practical is a spa robe. The spa I go to has the most AMAZING robes and every time I put one on I want to have one for myself.

What's your go-to stocking stuffer item: For my hubby I usually get him chapstick, air fresheners for his truck, gum, Christmas candy from Russell Stover, small gift cards to gross places he loves like Taco Bell and White Castle (things I don't allow him to eat, ever) and other little significant things that may come to mind... It was my dads job to do the stockings at our house and even when we moved out. He loved filling stockings. So after he passed, I kind of took that over for my moms stocking at least. He always over filled her stocking with stuff. She loved it. So I like to keep that going. So I fill hers with kitchen gadgets, usually weird ones, chapstick, candle lighters, small candles, candy, socks

Who is the hardest to shop for during the holidays? My brother and his wife. My brother is just so hard to shop for. He's the kind of person that buys what he wants when he wants it. And my sister in law is hard to shop for too. I mean, there's the go to items like a purse or wallet from Coach but I feel like I've done that too many times.

Favorite Winter Accessory: Coats and Scarves. I love coats. I have a bunch of different styles. I also love scarves. I love them with a coat or with my outfit.

I loved this outfit

Shopping with my mom

One of my 4 blanket scarves

Another one of four

From last years scarf exchange!

Christmas last year

On this day it was about 4* outside!

Christmas Tree lights: colors or all white? Color! We put white lights on the house with red bows so I like the color lights on the tree!

Favorite Christmas Cocktail: Eggnog!  I love a nice cold glass of it once or twice around Christmas. My mom however, makes THE BEST homemade Baileys Irish Cream. This year I can't have any, but it's delicious.... One of these years I'm going to get those moose mugs from Christmas Vacation to drink my eggnog from! I need them!!

Favorite holiday/Christmas food: Shrimp Dip! Haha.... it seems that this makes it's appearance around Christmas... I just love it. Also Russell Stovers chocolate marshmallow santas! It's been a tradition in my house since as far back as I can remember that when we get up and go downstairs to see if Santa came, and he always did, we grab our stockings and open them up and eat a chocolate marshmallow santa, even before breakfast! I always loved this and thought it was so awesome when I was little that we were allowed to have that!

Do you have a good white-elephant gift idea?
Not really... I don't really  get the whole white-elephant gift thing. Judge if you must, but I think this is a waste of money. Why buy something silly or stupid that someone won't use? I'd rather do like what Shay does with her scarf party...

Do you have a funny picture of you and Santa as a kid? (Post it if you do!)
No... I always loved Santa :)

Do you like candy canes?  I do - but I'm picky. I like the old fashioned ones, not the crappy made in Mexico garbage that breaks if you touch it. So I usually go to a local candy shop and get a few of these to stick in stockings.


Hot Chocolate....marshmallows or no marshmallows? No!! But load up the whipped cream!! I've been known to take it all off and eat it with a spoon then add more and so on....


Favorite Christmas song: God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman by Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan - I just love that song. And I also love Do You Hear What I Hear when the children's choir at my church sing it on Christmas Eve. For some reason it always makes me teary eyed. I also like the funny ones like Grandma God Run Over by a Reindeer.... and all the typical fun songs you hear this time of year!

Favorite Christmas movie: Home Alone, followed by Home Alone 2, followed by every single Hallmark Christmas movie that exists... I also love Charlie Brown's Christmas

A funny Christmas story: This isn't exactly funny, but more memorably/ironic...
One Christmas YEARS ago Santa brought me a brand new piano. I had been taking lessons on a piano that my mom got from her friend who worked at a restaurant and they were getting rid of it. So it was pretty beat up and had cigarette burn holes in it. But that didn't matter to me. I was a happy girl with my own piano.
Well - the Christmas Santa brought me a piano was the Christmas my gramma had a stroke. We were woken up to a phone call from her lifeline saying she pushed the button and wasn't responding so we all ran out of the house and down the street (3 blocks) to her house and she was ok - but lying on the floor of the bathroom. So we called 911 and were off to the hospital. I remember all my family being there and my mom saying to my aunt that we didn't get to "do" Christmas yet.... but it just didn't seem to matter... So when we finally went home, we started to open our gifts as if we had just woken up. It was probably about 2 or 3 pm at this point... And at the time our tree was directly across from the piano... I opened just about all my gifts walked past the brand new Yamaha upright with sparkly white keys more than a dozen times and never noticed. My mom had to point it out to me and I looked at it and it still too me a second.... I was SO happy! I'll never forget that. It was such a weird Christmas. My gramma was ok and came home the next day...

That's my piano...still at moms... but as soon as we move, I have the perfect spot for it!

Have you ever been on a sleigh ride? Yes!! When I went with my mom and dad, my brother and his wife and my friend Tim to New Hampshire. We stayed at the Mount Washington Hotel - AMAZING -

We went on a horse drawn sleigh ride through the white mountains...
It was absolutely beautiful!

A  fun holiday memory: Christmas shopping with my dad. It was our tradition to go at least once, usually twice. We would go out to dinner, usually Red Lobster because my mom hates seafood and I love it, so he loved that I'd go with him. (We went other times together, but this was part of Christmas shopping) We would go to all the stores we needed and he would get every single thing my mom asked for and then some. He loved her so much and loved to give her gifts on Christmas. I of course wrapped them all because he was awful at that, but for sure, that is my favorite memory. We always had so much fun. I loved spending one on one time with him. And we did it often, especially with the little cars.... but Christmas shopping was my favorite.
This is the 5th Christmas without you....
I love you and miss you so much....
we all do....
Merry Christmas Season everyone!
Have a great weekend!!

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