Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Show & Tell ~ Christmas Decorations

I just love Christmas time!!
I mean, how can you not!?

Today I'm linking up to show my Christmas decorations!
Since we're still in the old house it's going to look exactly the same as last years link up - with a few minor changes... Either way, I love to decorate and love when the house smells like Christmas trees and has lights all over the place!!

Come on inside....

And this is my little swag by the front door that I make each year 

This is the inside of my front door 
The wreath is too fat to fit between the front door and storm door, so I have this one on the inside and my smaller one on the outside.
This guy hangs on the inside of the front door.
I love that it jingles whenever the door opens and closes 

I got this at HomeGoods last year and I love it.
It's just so cute!  

Here is our beautiful tree!!

One of my 4 pillows

Another purchase from Kirklands this year. Love love 

Our stockings!! (Pottery Barn)

 The best Christmas fragrance!
Fresh Balsam!!

I got this in November when my mom and I went shopping. It's so cute

And my wooden reindeer with my cute elf

And of course my Nativity

This is the corner before my bathroom  

One of my favorite sayings this time of year...  

Another HomeGoods purchase...
I love this one  

My mom gave me this a long time ago.
I love the saying - he hangs by my front door! 

This is my Rodney Reindeer
My mom also gave me this guy a while ago...
Because my pup thinks anything stuffed is his, we keep him high up on the curtain rod! 

 My snowman flag - this guy has been around for a while too.
I want to get a new flag for next year 

I love this Christmas ball candle holder.
I got this a while back from a PartyLite party I hosted.
I believe it was my gift for hosting.

This hangs at the entrance of my kitchen 

My mom gave me this because she didn't like it or didn't have a place for it so I stuck it in my bathroom. It makes a nice night-light in there...

This guy sits on the toilet - glamorous I know,
but it goes with my snowman themed bathroom :)

And the wall in our bathroom 
I just love Christmas. 
It's so cozy 

That's Christmas at our house this year!
Next year, I really hope to be in the new house and have all new spots for my stuff!!



  1. Everything looks so cute! And I love that little sleigh!

  2. All your decor is so cute... You make me want to run out and get a few more things, haha! I agree with you on fresh balsam being the best holiday fragrance! Love it!!

  3. Adorable! I especially got a kick out of "The Cats" stocking - never thought of doing it that way before! :)

  4. I love your 'cats' stocking! Our first Christmas we had a cat that we looooovvved. We bought him a stocking and everything. Now I have two kids and somehow I still haven't got them stockings!


  5. Love all your decor, so warm and cozy. :) And I LOVE the cats stocking!!

  6. Love all your decorations! I agree....I love that Christmas makes everything cozy!

  7. Your home is beautiful! We have so much in common. We both love Christmas and love Home Goods!!! I, too, lost my dad three years ago. My favorites are your elf on the reindeer, your pillows and the red sled. It makes my heart melt! Merry Christmas to you and your family.