Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday - Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Hump Day!
Since I did a bumpdate post Monday,  and I slacked yesterday, today is my recap of the weekend...
My hubby left for travel on Monday morning and the poor thing was flying ALL day.
Luckily for this worried wife he had wifi on the plane so I was able to be calmer for those 12 hours! #thanksmoderntechnology

So this weekend...
It was super fun and low key all at the same time.
Friday I left work 2 hours early for a check up at my doctors - all is perfect.
I headed home and got a few things done before my hubby came home.
We had dinner plans with some old friends we haven't seen in a long time at a restaurant on Long Beach Island which was amazing.
It's called - The Arlington
The best part was it smelled like the ocean air so much because of the warm front....
And I guess because we were on the ocean block hah

I had a burger because....this baby wants all the beef!!
After 3 hours of catching up and lots of yummy food, we headed home.
Saturday Ted had to work so I cleaned the house and got lots of stuff done. I love a day where I really feel like I can catch up. Saturday night we went to Carabba's for dinner.
The only place I like mussels from....and that sauce!! Mmmm
We had a delicious meal complete with fabulous dessert.
That was something like....a brownie and chocolate mousse and ganache
OMG it was amazing.
I mean,  I wouldn't put it past me to order that to go for myself!
We came home and watched a little TV and went to bed early.
Sunday was business as usual...
We skipped church, which I hate, but with Ted leaving for travel Monday, we were so busy.
We ran a few errands and just spent the day hanging out together.
We ordered in Surf Taco for dinner and watched Home Alone 2
Then went to bed.
I know, I know - you're jealous of our exciting existence....
On Monday after he left for work travel, I headed to work late and trained my replacement.
Then went to moms and took a bike ride because it is so unseasonably warm!!
Then had dinner with mom and my brother and his family.
My mom made burgers, home-made French fries and milkshakes!
Omg it was SO good!
Then I headed home....and waited for my hubs to land in Cali - which was 9:15 our time.
Tuesday... I had to train my replacement again for the whole day... which is crazy because it makes you realize just how much you do at your job.
To me it's just second nature, but when you have to explain it to a new person, it's A LOT!
God Bless this woman because my job ain't easy!
Tuesday night Mom came over to help pack up my kitchen for the reno and we went out to eat and did a little more Christmas shopping...
It doesn't get much more exciting than that folks!
I haven't taken many pictures...
And I haven't done many exciting things...
This Sunday is my cookie swap
I will have lots to share next week about that!
To check out last years swap go here
Have a great day!

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