Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday

The Best Gift I Ever Received.....
I mentioned this previously, but for sure, the best Christmas present I ever got was my piano. It's definitely a Christmas I'll never ever forget.
I wish I can remember exactly what year it was, but I know for sure I was younger, maybe not like 5/6 young, but like 10 ish/11 ish.
I had been taking lessons on a piano that my mom got from her friend who worked at a restaurant and they were getting rid of it. So it was pretty beat up and had cigarette burn holes in it. But that didn't matter to me. I was a happy girl with my own piano.

Well - the Christmas Santa brought me a piano was the Christmas my Gramma had a stroke. We were woken up to a phone call from her lifeline saying she pushed the button and wasn't responding so we all ran out of the house and down the street (3 blocks) to her house and she was ok - but lying on the floor of the bathroom. So we called 911 and were off to the hospital. I remember all my family being there and my mom saying to my aunt that we didn't get to "do" Christmas yet.... but it just didn't seem to matter... So when we finally went home, we started to open our gifts as if we had just woken up. It was probably about 2 or 3 pm at this point... And at the time our tree was directly across from the piano... I opened just about all my gifts walked past the brand new Yamaha upright with sparkly white keys more than a dozen times and never noticed. My mom had to point it out to me and I looked at it and it still too me a second....
I was SO happy! I'll never forget that. It was such a weird Christmas.
My gramma was ok and came home the next day...
But it was an awesome feeling to get that brand new piano.
I knew it was expensive. My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad was a self employed carpenter, and mind you he did very well, I still knew it was a lot.
I can't wait to move in to our new home and have it there to play and have it for my children to learn how to play. It's so special to me.
Now since I'm pulling from the past, I figured I'd do a recent one as well.
So my favorite gift from my husband, besides his unconditional love forever and ever and everything he's ever given me, is my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer!
I love that dang thing!
He got it for me the Christmas we were engaged.
It's amazing and I use it all the time!!
AND....it's RED! :)
Have a great day!
I'm going to be updating ya'll on our kitchen "mini" renovation...
We spent this past weekend updating our kitchen.
It's not quite done but it's much better....
Stay tuned for that


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  1. One of the best Christmas gifts I got from my dad was a Kitchen Aid stand mixer! Merry Christmas!