Monday, January 25, 2016

A blizzard named Jonas

Lots and lots to catch up on!

I had my check up at my regular OB on Thursday the 14th and was chatting with my doctor and just like that - he put me out of work. So my last day was that Friday - the 15th.
My pregnancy is high risk for a reason beyond my control - something that isn't awful, but can bring me to pre-term labor and will most likely result in me needing to have a C-section.
So my doc said with the added stress from work, he didn't want anything triggering labor.
Fine. With. Me.
So I quickly and I mean QUICKLY got caught up.
Packed my belongings from my office up.
Told my co-workers (whom I'm not close to) the other kinda knew it was coming.
And by 3:30 I was outta there....
Not gonna lie - I teared up a bit... I blame the hormones!
Haha - but it was bittersweet.
A chapter closing, and a new one opening.
So the first week off was so quick.
I was SO busy!

My mom lost her cat of 15 years due to dementia. Who the heck knew cats can get that?! It was a rough and heartbreaking week. It hit fast and was just terrible. 
Rest Peacefully Pumpkin
We love you  


Possibly one of the most unattractive pictures of me - but - this is a cappuccino blast from Baskin Robbins and it was delicious.

Friday night... we hunkered down and prepped for the "snowpocalypse"
This was one of the first snow maps we saw for our area...

The predictions were all over the place.
At one point we were in the 2 feet range.
But as I write this (Saturday night) it's been snowing since 7pm Friday night.
It sleeted for a bit - but it's back to snowing.

The sleet just made it icy and worse.
We've been under a blizzard warning since yesterday.

It's not going to stop until 2am Sunday.
My mom lost power twice.
Ours flickered a few times. Thank God.
Snow like this isn't fun. It isn't pretty. And it's hard to remove.

All of our beaches and beach towns are flooding.
I'm sure you've seen on the news or weather channel.
It just plain sucks - for lack of better wording.
My poor birds and squirrels were out in the crazy weather looking for food. Their feeders were covered in snow, full, but covered.
So naturally I diced up little pieces of bread and kept throwing it out to them. 

Sunday was all about digging out. 
It snowed until like 2am this morning.
When we went to bed it was snowing so hard I couldn't believe it. 
We woke up to pretty things though. 

I whipped up these old school "pizzas" for lunch.
Haven't have English Muffin pizza since I was a kid.
They were delicious! :)
The snow was up to my mid thigh...
My snow coat doesn't fit me at the moment,
and my boots are too short for this depth,
So hubbys hunting stuff came to the rescue.
Poor Jake hates the snow...
This is why nothing fits ;)
That boy is growing day by day...
I just scooped up this maternity shirt from Target & it's so comfy
In the mean time, this one has been snuggling all weekend long...
She's just so cute...
So that is basically how my weekend was spent.
I'm looking forward to this week home to get more organized.
I've been slowly but surely getting organized each day.
My goal is to start February with a clean slate.
Here's hoping.
Happy Monday!

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