Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Catching Up....

Let's play catch up, shall we?
Also, I'm going to link up with Jenn to share what's been hap-pinning!
So it's been a super busy, crazy, fun, relaxing and exhausting winter break.
Back in December (hah like it was so long ago) on the 14th, my husband left for the week to go to California for business. He came home Thursday the 17th late at night and I was just thrilled to see him. I hate when he has to fly far distances alone.
That Friday, our new kitchen was delivered.
So demo began! And my oh my what a mess! I can honestly say I'm not a fan of living among a construction zone!!
Aside from that, we had a great Christmas with both of our families.
We spent New Years Eve together on the couch eating Chinese food!
We spent lots of time hanging out together and enjoying eachother.
I'm thankful Ted took the week off from work too and we got to do that.
Here is a random recap in pictures...
So here is the before picture of the kitchen:
This is photo-shopped actually - there were two drawers missing....yup big ole' black holes...
And this is the after picture...
We still have to finish the kick plate under the angle
And we are putting up a backsplash - but that's this weekend...
We got new counters, new cabinets, a new sink and ditched the portable dishwasher for a built in one and my heavens, this thing is amazing!
I was craving Enchiladas one night, so I made them and boy were they delicious!
I also whipped up some Brownies for NYE and fancied them up a bit...
and ate every bite...  
We took a walk on our beach....with the doggie
We found some shells and watched diving ducks look for fish 
Speaking of cravings... I told Ted I was craving Starburst jelly beans....
The next day he delivered!
I was excited!!  
My annual Christmas Cookie swap was the Sunday before Christmas.
It never disappoints... and this year it was great.
This is the platter of cookies I brought home.
They were all yummy
This is how I wrapped my cookies this year...
Ted has a work Christmas party (if we want to call it that)
All the wives/girlfriends send in something that the men volunteer to make.
Ted usually puts me down for meatballs or something fun and easy.
This year? Corn bread.
I was a little surprised... and laughed a little.
In what way does corn bread play into this shin dig - but I made jalapeno cheddar corn bread and apparently it was gone in minutes...  
We hosted a friends Christmas party - here are the boys.
The girls were on the couch talking
Every year my mom hosts Christmas Eve dinner after Church for my dads side of the family.
And every year I make an antipasto.... this is the one I made this year  
I got this shirt and wore it to work on the last day before break.
It says Mistletoes and has two little green foot prints and a bow...
This was our tree Christmas morning...
Next year it's going to look SO different!!
This beauty was one of my gifts from my amazing hubby :)
I love love love it !!
My cousin sent me this and I laughed out true.
We took a 3.5 hour road trip to visit our cousins in North Western PA
and saw the tallest bridge ever.
This guy in my moms neighborhood has the biggest moose in his front yard.
I love it and I want one!
My Lilly has been super snuggly lately and I love it!
I got all my containers from the container store along with my labels and filled all my jars and have them in my pantry. I love how it came out!
And here is my Instagram top 9
From top left across:
When Ted proposed to me
Rook Coffee and Broad Street Donuts
My Oeo cookie cupcakes
Next Row:
When I made it public that I'm pregnant
Our first dance and as husband and wife
Oatmeal craisin white chocolate cookies
Bottom Row
The lady bug cake my mama made for my Birthday
Christmas preggo pic
My daddy <3
Happy Wednesday Ladies...
I can't wait for this week to be done!!
Happy 61st Birthday in Heaven to my sweet Dad.
I miss him dearly every single day...


  1. Looks like you've been busy! So fun too! Love the countertops! Thanks for linking up today! xo

  2. The food looks good.

  3. Love this recap! Your kitchen looks amazing! And so do YOU! And how sweet is your hubby delivering on the Starburst Jelly Beans?! What a guy. :) Happy New Year girl!