Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!  
It's the second week I've been home since stopping work and I'm loving it. 
I've gotten so much done and have lists of everything else I need to do. 

Here are a few of my faves for this week 

Well. It's a rocker/recliner.  
We're getting it for the nursery. 
It's comfy and I love it!
I made
Quesadillas last week and they were so good!! I'll have to post the recipe next week because it was delicious!! 

Definitely beat any restaurant I've ever had. Ted agrees. 
My nephews. 
After the blizzard, they (with the help from my mom and Ted) made this cute snowman! 

They are just so cute. And getting so big!
Bananas Foster Pancakes
We found a new breakfast spot!!
This was a seriously amazing breakfast.
Might be my new favorite!
I mean, just, yeah....amazing!
After breakfast on this day after breakfast, we took a ride over to the beach.
The beach is for sure my favorite, but seeing all the erosion and crap that washed up or unearthed from the storm was NOT.
This guy....definitely my fave...
It was cold and windy and bitter but I love him :)
This is a view of the boardwalk covered in snow...
It looks so different in the winter...
But there's a calm about it too...
And then I read this...
With the amount of heartburn/reflux/indigestion I've had - I'd be seriously surprised if this boy wasn't born with a full head of hair!
Heartburn is NOT my favorite, but it's ALL worth it!
And I've FINALLY begun doing the album from my favorite day!!!
Hey - a year and a half later is better than never right?!
That's all I've got for today!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. that chair looks so comfy! so glad i found your blog through the link up! hope youll stop by mine as well :D