Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Life Lately

I know I'm about to sound like a broken record, but I just can't wait to stop working!
This getting out of my warm bed at 5:15am while 6.5 months pregnant is for the birds!
This past weekend we had dinner at my sister in laws (Ted's Sis)  house and it was delicious.
She made chicken parm and pasta which given the fact I can't stand chicken since like, September, and I ate it all, says something ;)
On Saturday I went with my brothers wife and my mom to register for my shower!
That was so much fun and a tad overwhelming all at the same time.
I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully my SIL did! She was just like, "you need this and this and two of these and at least 4 of these" Whew!
Here I am on Friday night :)
We came home Friday night from somewhere, (pregnancy brain has made it absolutely impossible for me to remember where the heck we were)... and saw this.
I had thrown this huge blanket out front on the porch to take to the shelter and when we came home this little fur ball was trying to stay warm.
It broke my heart. So naturally, I moved it to a more sheltered are, between bushes, under an awning in an area that seems to be secure, and I gave him a bowl of food.

His fur was nice and he seemed well fed, so he very well may be someones cat, but I just had to act in the moment haha.... We haven't seen him since...
And this was my snack the other day.
A WaWa pretzel, Gummy Bears and Yogurt covered Raisins...
Haha random combo but oh so yummy!

My cousin got us this HOME sign for the entry table and I finally put batteries in it and lit it up for the first time! It's so cute!!

I made home-made pizza the other day and it was so yummy.
This time I used jar sauce that I doctored up a bit and it wasn't AS good as my own, but it was still good. I also globbed some ricotta cheese on top too!
Yum. I want that now.

While we were at Babies R Us registering, I saw this and just absolutely loved it.
We need to have a little girl next. I love all things ladybug and this is just the cutest!

And I believe I posted it earlier, but Ted's nickname at work is Legend. Not sure why,  but whatever.
So I got a 2T shirt that says Legend on it kind of similar to this.
I saw this in the store and grabbed it then looked at the price tag..... $54
REALLY?!?!!? For a baby outfit?!
No Thanks.... so I snapped a pic and moved on.

And this is the stroller I registered for!
Its an all in one and I love how smooth it is to push.

If any of you mamas out there have any other suggestions on what to add to my registry that you think is an absolute MUST HAVE please please let me know in the comments!!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. A baby carrier is a must. I have a baby bjorn and a ergo 360. Do yourself a favor and just get the 360 and get a infant insert! My daughter is now 20 months and 29 pounds and I STILL wear her in it! A baby swing was the single most used thing in our house!

    1. Yes! I did register for a carrier! I heard they are fabulous!! :)

  2. My son is 6 and I still love baby gear, that stroller looks awesome! I hope the rest of your working time passes quickly!

  3. If you plan on using bottles ever..or even sippy cups.. the boon suds bottle washer was such a lifesaver! I had to exclusively pump so that made for a bottle of washing of parts, and this thing was amazing!