Monday, January 11, 2016

Need some opinions!

Ok here is the deal. My current car is a Toyota Camry. It's a limited edition and fully loaded. I absolutely love it. HOWEVER - it's a 2012 that we leased in 2013. The lease it up this week and we've been trying to figure out what to do!!
Buy out the Camry and have a car payment on a 4 year old vehicle that we've maintained and know is good, or purchase or lease a new one. 
Interest rates for new cars is 0% 
For my Camry it would be 5% - which kinda stinks. 

So I've been looking at a few cars. 

The Mazda CX-5 is on the top of my list right now. 

So we may be going to look at one tonight. 

Another car we were looking at is the Volkswagon GolfWagen 

But do I really want a wagon? I dunno. 

My thought is that the small SUV will be good for baby and dog! Because let's not kid ourselves, my Jakey is my first baby. Hahah 

It's frustrating because up until this week we were set on buying the Camry. 
Now it's a toss up! 

Any suggestions or opinions or thoughts would be super helpful!


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  1. Get something with ROOM! We had a Nissan Xterra when we first had #babybigtruck and while that is a SUV it wasn't roomy enough for us a baby and a dog. We also at the time had a Ford F-250 and while we loves that truck it wasn't prattle as a family car. We sold the ford and dealt with having one truck for a while and then we finally got a Chevy Traverse. We used that as the family car which I typically drove and my husband drive the Xterra. Just recently we traded the Xterra in for a Chevy Tahoe and that is now the family truck/truck I drive daily and it's so roomy and perfect!