Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Come On In....Christmas Decorations!

Linking up with Andrea to show ya'll my Christmas decorations!
I love decorating our home for any holiday but Christmas is my favorite and I have TONS of decorations, but not enough space to put them all.... Hopefully next year we will have more room in our new house!!
Ok, on to the decorations!
This is our front walkway
I made this little bunch of greens this weekend 
We just had a whole mess of rain and wind so the house looks filthy! oofa
 My cute snowman flag...love his face!
This wreath hangs on the inside of our front door because it's too fat to go between the storm door and front door :)  
This little guy has been around for a while... luckily the cats or dog haven't eaten him yet.
Homegoods purchase this year! LOVE it !!  
Entry table...my favorite to decorate. I see how my ornament from our honeymoon is chillin' there in the front and looks so out of place... keepin it real ;) 
I love ducks....people know this...both duck pieces were gifts..haha
(note my adorable nephews in the pic on the bottom)

There simply is NO greater scent than Fresh Balsam or Christmas Tree or anything that smells like Christmas really.... love love love
Anna Lee doll ~ My mom has a HUGE collection, she bought me this a while back.... And that wood reindeer was a Homegoods purchase 2 years ago. Love him! 
The start of my Willow Tree Nativity 
Bought this "candle" at a little market near my house a few weeks ago, I thought he was way too cute not to come home with me!  
Every year my mom and I go to this place called Opdykes ~ They feature crafts and local artists work etc. That snowman is from there. He went missing in my moms basement, but was luckily found last year! And under my candle is a Santa on a tricycle pulling a little cart full of candy canes
This was a gift to my mom from my 6th grade teacher who we happened to be family friends with. It lights up. And in our next house, hopefully I'll have somewhere to hang it and plug it but for now it's situated above my hall mirror 
I got this last weekend at a market in Monmouth County called Sickles Market ...
My mom and I got lost in this place. It was amazing.
I replace my "home is where the heart is" sign in my kitchen above our table with this....  

Christmas Balls! I need some more, this is looking sparse... 
Merry Christmas!  
Another Opdykes purchase! I love that tree! Let's hope it stays put since its right by the box of cat/dog toys!

Our Pottery Barn stockings! We don't have a fireplace, so I have no mantel to hang them on so I need to get creative. Last year I hung them from the entry table but I didn't like that. I think this year I'm going to get one of those decorative ladders and lean it against the wall and hang them from that. I know you've all seen that on Pinterest!

My little Ruddy Reindeer - up high on the curtain so the dog doesn't chew him up!
A party lite purchase a while ago. A big Christmas ball that holds a tea light candle.
Hanging on the wall between the living room and kitchen 
Marty Moose... donning his festive scarf, sweater and Santa boots, and evidently a pine needle... haha oops! 
 Little light up Snowman house in the bathroom
Snowman wearing earmuffs... 

Shelf in our bathroom
A little beach, a little snow - hey It's Jersey, that's how we roll  
Well there you have it! Our home. We will cut down our tree this weekend and decorate it as well as put up our outside lights. I just LOVE Christmas!
I wish I had the whole month of December off to really enjoy the season.
In other news, our house is OFFICIALLY on the market as of yesterday afternoon and the sign went in the yard last night! Prayers for a quick sell so we can get out of the town we're in and into a town we love and into our forever home!!
23 Days 'til Christmas!
Until then you'll find me snuggled up on the couch under a warm blanket religiously watching every Christmas movie on TV over and over.



  1. I love the Candy Canes sign! Very cute! We don't have a mantel either so I had a board made and I just love it! I hung it up with command Velcro so that I don't have to put temporary holes in the wall! You can see it in my Christmas tour!

  2. Everything is so beautiful!
    I love the NOEL letters and the red sled! :)