Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Annual Sweet Swap 2014

 Cookies, Sweets & Treats.... Oh My!
Yesterday I attended the cookie "sweets" swap I go to each year and as usual, it didn't disappoint! The festivities got underway around 1:30 ~ we had lunch and cocktails and mingled a bit. Then around 2:00 we played some reindeer games! This year was so fun.
The first game we all put a paper plate on our heads and had to "draw" a Christmas scene onto it while on our head. It was crazy. After the person giving instructions was through we got to look at our creations and count up points. I came in 2nd with 18 points!
Next we played "name that tag line" from famous Christmas movies.
Our team tied three ways with two other teams but lost in the tie breaker to the question "What year did Charlie Brown's Christmas" come out. We guessed 1964, it was '65
Then we did our cookie tasting...

Then did our judging
Their are 4 categories:
Best Tasting
Best Packaging
Most Time Consuming
Most Creative

Mine are in the red mini loaf pans :)

The Sweets participating were:

Devil's Food Cookies

Chocolate Reindeer Pops

Gingerbread Caramel Cups


Chocolate Oreo Peperment Crunch Bars (mine)

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Mint Crunch

Fruit Drops

Lemon Puffs

Ginger Snaps

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Christmas Bark

White Chocolate Cherry Shortbreads


Thin Mints
Didn't manage to snag a photo of these before I brought them to work! 

Italian Florentines

The winners were as follows:
Best tasting was the gingerbread cups

My gosh they were delicious!

Best packaging was the hot cocoa cookies.

Most creative was Rudolph pretzels which if you ask me was kind of cheesy but whatever. 

And lastly. 
The most time consuming was the Italian Florentines.

Overall. It was a great time as usual. My very amazing friend Heather always hosts such an awesome exchange! 

And can we take a minute to drool over her sister in laws fireplace?! 
It was so much fun and I am stocked with cookies and treats for Christmas!
Today is my last day of work until January 5th!
I wish I was off yesterday and today, but sadly I am not.
This awful AWFUL cough I have is wiping me out so badly.
I can't wait for it to subside and for my health to get better!
No one wants to be sick at Christmas :(
Happy Tuesday

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