Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Scarf Exchange!

I participated in a blogger scarf exchange with a few ladies and it was so fun!
I am a HUGE fan of scarves! I love all kinds. My most recent obsession is with blanket scarves as seen below...

So when this exchange was organized by Vanessa & Deena, I was super excited to participate with the girls.
My package arrived as such:  

Super cute festive box :) 
Red & Black ~ My two favorite colors!  & The pattern?! HELLO! Awesome!!
Disregard the weird angle and iphone pic - I've been sick and did this kind of quickly :(

I love it! It's so soft and matches the majority of my wardrobe Haha
(Again, its pretty obvious that I'm sick in this photo don't mind the glassy eyes)
Thank you Vanessa for this adorable scarf!  
I had so much fun sending my scarf to Sarita although it was sent back to ME twice! I guess my package looked suspicious!? Maybe it's because I was trying to send matching nail polish (Sorry girl!)
Check out the rest of the scarf exchange !!
Happy Wednesday Ladies!
One week to go until Christmas Eve!!


  1. So glad you like it! You are a girl after my own heart with red & black being your favorite colors :) I liked this so much I almost kept it! lol! Enjoy!

  2. That red and black looks awesome on you! And I was (am) sick as well and your scarf kept me pretty warm all day yesterday. Thanks again!