Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up


This weekend was pretty busy, as most are around Christmas time…
We had Asian take-out from Xina on Thursday night– an amazing place right before the island near my moms house. It is absolutely delicious. So fresh and always on point!
Friday at work, I ate some runts and realized I'm pretty biased with which ones I like and which ones I do not like!  

Friday night, we had a little dinner party. Of course I forgot to take pictures of the amazing meal I made, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway...  
For appetizers we had various cheeses and crackers as well as what I call “Cold Pizza” which actually has shrimp in it. (Will be sharing the recipe soon)For dinner we had Filet Mignon with a brandy mushroom cream sauce, green beans sautéed with shallots and twice baked potatoes. We had lovely challah bread from Philly which one of our guests brought. And for dessert I made chocolate cream pie which we accompanied with eggnog & coffee.
I was exhausted Friday night and couldn’t wait to get into my bed, but we had a great time making memories with amazing friends.
Saturday Ted & I went shopping at the mall. WOW - what a mess THAT was. We only managed to get a few things... because it was crazy
While at the mall, we stopped for a little snack - This little Italian place has the best Bruschetta!
Sunday, I proudly wore my 2nd blanket scarf to church
Sunday afternoon I watched a little Dirty Dancing... because when any girl sees that movie on, she immediately stops to watch!  
Santa came through out neighborhood on the fire "sleigh" which always warms my heart each year..  
And I rocked my other blanket scarf from Tara Lynn's 
Which by the way, I'm on their instagram page today if ya'll haven't seen already :)
Iced Peppermint Mocha = Delish (btw)

I can't believe Christmas is 10 days away!!!!! So excited!!


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