Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites ~ This Week

Friday Favorites
Linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci
My new bag!
The tan one - it's so pretty!
LOVE LOVE LOVE my new bag
I totally purchased it for myself, but it's definitely a favorite this week
It's the Barrington Savannah Zipper Tote
(The tan one, the blue stripped St. Anne is my older one)
And it's fabulous!
The next one on my wish list is the St. Charles Yacht Tote
Then maybe the St. Anne Diaper Bag - :)
Two blog posts!
My favorite posts of this past week are BOTH about my wedding.
I'm still kind of obsessed with it all so I have no shame.
Read all about my Wedding here
Read about how thankful I am for my amazing brother here
Go back and check them out!
This amazing chicken recipe!
I know this looks similar to the Bruschetta Chicken from Wednesday's Post.....
but its WAY different.
It's Roasted Poblano topped Adobo Chicken with Monterey Jack Cheese
I know.
Stop drooling!
Recipe next week!!
You'll want this one, it's amazing!
Especially if your hubby likes spicy like mine does....
(And of course, it's from Pioneer Woman!)
Maxi Dresses!
Since it's officially started warming up around these parts, I've broken out the maxi dresses and outfits for work have never been easier!
Throw on a little fly away cardi for the chilly morning and you're good to go!
I'm looking at a few new ones since all mine are old.
I love the one I got from Tara Lynns, but don't think I'm going to wear that to work..
So here are the ones I'm looking to get:
This is actually not a maxi but a "trapeze" dress but CUTE!

 Bright Nail Polish!
So I had to make a big return at TJMaxx Wednesday, and saw this fabulous color sitting by the register and had to have it!
It's called Double Breasted Jacket and I LOVE how it looks in the bottle...
I'm going to pain my nails this weekend so I'll be back with an update!
Lee Capris!

I've literally spent 3-4 years trying to find
capri pants that I love.
I'm curvy on the bottom so it's always difficult for me.
I have a booty and big hips, always have.
It's in my genetic makeup ;)
I also have super muscular calves, which is partly genetic (thanks dad)
and partly from years of I dunno..
the bottom area around the calf on most capris is usually tight.
Not on these bad boys!
They are so comfy I bought them in every color.
And I got a pair of jean capris as well!!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Mine is sure to be super super busy...
And all you mamas out there, enjoy Sunday!




  1. That chicken looks delicious. Adding the pepper and cheese looks like the perfect combo. I love wearing maxi dresses in the summer. Those stripes on the ON one look so nautical and I can just picture it with a fun necklace. Thanks for the lee capri recommendation. I have gotten so frustrated lately with pants that are "low rise" and I feel like I am constantly pulling up my pants. No bueno. I'm going to look into the Lees!

  2. I loooove, those Barrington bags, but far too spendy for me, lol!! That chicken looks divine!

  3. Hi Tiffany! I'm a bright red nail polish girl, too!

  4. That chicken looks YUM! And, your post about your brother is so sweet!
    Love that nail polish color...perfect!

  5. I'm with you on the curvy on bottom and the muscular calves. I'm loving maxis too. All of mine are so comfy and soft, it feels like wearing pajamas to work, which I can't complain about. :)

  6. I love everything on this list but I am head over heels for the Barrington bag and the nail polish! Great list! I would love for you to check out mine. This week I wrote about my favorite makeup products. - Seri from