Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WCW ~ Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

What's Cookin' Wednesday
Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

 This recipe was something I sort of thought up in my head because I had a craving for bruschetta and didn't think it was suffice for a meal for dinner haha. I'm sure theres actual recipes floating around and it exists elsewhere, but this is my version :)
What You Need:
1 Package of Chicken Breasts
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Dried Basil
Garlic Powder
Balsamic Glaze
(so much easier to buy this in the grocery store near the oils)
Tomatoes (I used grape a container of grape tomatoes)
Fresh Garlic
Olive Oil
Fresh Basil
What You Do:
Marinate the chicken
Slice your chicken breasts in half to make them thinner.
Place them into a large zip lock bag
Pour in enough balsamic vinegar and olive oil to coat
(I'd say about 1/2 cup of each, give or take)
Sprinkle in about a half teaspoon of garlic powder
Add a pinch of dried basil
Mix all around until coated well, refrigerate for at least an hour
Prepping the Bruschetta
Get a medium sized bowl ready...
dice up your tomatoes removing as many seeds as possible
Throw into a bowl
finely chop two cloves of garlic, add to bowl
drizzle in a tiny bit of olive oil and toss around
chiffondale some basil - I used about 4-5 big leaves
Mix up again

Putting the meal together...
Remove chicken from marinade and grill until cooked
Once cooked remove and put on a plate
Top the grilled chicken with prepared bruschetta
Top that with shredded mozzarella (optional, but trust me, do it )
Drizzle on Balsamic glaze

Sides to accompany your meal:
We had brown rice and grilled brussell sprouts on this night.

Brown Rice: Cooked according to Minute Rice box ;)

Brussells: I mentioned this in Fridays Post but this is how I did them...
I cut the sprouts in half then in half again. Placed them onto a large piece of foil, drizzled heavily with EVOO, threw on a clove of fresh chopped garlic, sprinkled on some salt and garlic pepper, then just closed the foil up loosely like a tent and placed on the grill.
I kept an eye on them until they browned up a bit and flipped them once or twice.
They were SO good this way!


This was great the next day for lunch too... (minus the sprouts, they were gone that night!)
I just cut the chicken breast up and put it over some brown rice in a little pyrex container.
In a separate containier I put the cheese and bruschetta
I heated up the chicken/rice combo then dumped the bruschetta/cheese combo on top

Soo yummy!
I hope you give this a try!


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